If there’s any day you want your makeup to be perfect, it’s your wedding day. You’ll be in the center of attention surrounded by family and friends for hours on end–not to mention, you’ll be photographed all day long. You need a wedding makeup look that won’t let you down. We’ve rounded up our best recommendations for flawless wedding makeup so you can look fab on your big day. 

Wedding Makeup Tip #1 – Start with a hydrating primer


Prepping your skin for makeup is the first step for flawless wedding makeup. After washing and moisturizing your skin, begin with a hydrating primer like our Opal Essence Serum Primer. Opal Essence delivers the perfect dose of dewiness every time for ultra-hydration. 

best wedding makeup

Made with a soothing blend of fermented botanical extracts to help nourish and brighten skin, this primer creates a hydrating base that seeps into skin for all-day wear. Say goodbye to makeup that slides off after a long day–this primer is made to last. Your future wedding pics on Insta will thank you.

Wedding Makeup Tip #2 – Apply makeup with a Beautyblender (duh)


You knew this one was coming. No wedding makeup look is complete without the expert work of the OG Beautyblender. A Beautyblender is the magic tool that makes your skin (not just your makeup) glow. And who doesn’t want that natural-looking glow on their wedding day?! Luckily, your sponge can be used for just about anything. Primer, foundation, concealer, contour–you name it, the BB queen does it. 

wedding makeup beautyblender

Pro tip: remember to wet it before use! A damp Beautyblender will expand and absorb water so it doesn’t absorb product–letting all of your precious makeup lands on your complexion instead of inside your sponge. This is the key to an airbrushed finish that leaves skin looking even, natural, and never streaky. You’ll be looking back at wedding pics for years admiring that glowing skin.

Wedding Makeup Tip #3 – Finish with setting spray for all-day wear


A little setting spray goes a long way. With all the dancing you’ll be doing at your wedding, you’ll probably need a little refresh every now and then. Our ReDew Set & Refresh Spray is a necessity for every bride, this do-it-all mist hydrates, refreshes, and adds luminosity to your existing makeup. 

You’ll likely be touching your makeup throughout your wedding night, and ReDew is a quick way to give your look a quick refresh when you’re being pulled in different directions. Plus, the more you use ReDew, the less you’ll have to touch-up the rest of your look since it’ll help hold everything in place. 


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