Beautyblender Recycling Program

Small Steps, Big Impact

We love hot pink but we like to stay green. We’re thrilled to introduce the Beautyblender Recycling Program. Finding better sustainable solutions that help protect Mama Earth is important to us! 

We have partnered with Top Rock Renewables to keep used Beautyblenders out of landfills. Instead, the blenders will go to a 22 MegaWatt waste-to-energy power plant that powers approximately 14,000 homes per year and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by around 249,100 tons per years (the equivalent of 48,000 passenger cars per year). 

How Does It Work?

  1. 1. Save up your used Beautyblender® sponges. When you have at least 3, ship them out. PS: Our unique medical grade foam requires a specific recycling process, so please make sure you are sending in an authentic Beautyblender® only.

  2. 2. Pack only the sponge (not canister) and to make it extra easy, you don’t even have to clean it! Enclose in a box or envelope (provided by the customer).
  3. 3. We’ll take care of the shipping. Print your label here 

*This program is currently for domestic customers only.  Only Beautyblender products will be accepted.