How can I check on my order after it has been placed?

Is beautyblender.com secure?

What credit cards does Beautyblender accept?

I haven’t received my order, my order is missing items or damaged, or my shipment is late?

What is the sales tax?

What if a product I want is out-of-stock, discontinued or limited-edition item?


How long will it take to ship?

Do you ship to a PO Box?

Do you ship internationally?

3rd Party Shippers

Lost, stolen or damaged packages


How do I get a sample?


Do you offer a discount or samples to makeup artists?

Product Ingredients

Who do I contact if I have a question concerning product ingredients?


Help, my blender is bleeding dye. What is going on?

How do I use my blender?

My blender looks moldy, what do I do?


Anything else you ever wanted to know