For most of us, hot summer months mean lighter makeup. At Beautyblender, they also mean letting you in on one of our favorite life hacks: concealer as foundation. From finding the right shade to knowing which areas to treat, here’s everything you need to know to master concealer as foundation. 

1. Double Down on Shade 

Anyone who’s concealed a blemish or contoured a face knows the cardinal concealer rule: it takes 2 to tango. The concealer you use to hide a pesky zit isn’t the same one you use to brighten dark circles, and it’s especially clutch to double up when you’re asking your concealer to pull double duty. 

To use concealer as foundation, grab 2 shades:

One that’s darker and matches your foundation.
This is the concealer you’ll use to cover a blemish, dark spots and redness. For most people, the easiest place to start is to choose one that’s the same shade that matches your foundation, though that won’t be an exact match for everyone.
One that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation/skin tone.
This is the concealer you’ll use to brighten and highlight. Grab whatever shade you’d typically use for your under eye, but be sure not to go more than 2 shades lighter to avoid raccoon eyes. To determine your highlight shade, find your foundation match and start one shade lighter.  

With each concealer, make sure you get one that’s free of parabens (preservatives) and phthalates (chemicals that are — for real — used to make plastic). Our Bounce Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer is free of both, and it’s also hydrating and weightless, so it nourishes your skin while concealing. 

2. Prime & Plump

Looks that rely on concealer as foundation are all about simplicity, and if your skin isn’t hydrated, concealer won’t go on smoothly. Start with a clean, moisturized face so you don’t have to use a ton of product and your natural complexion can shine through. 

Two of our favorite primers to start with are:

    1. Selfie Shield Dry Oil Primer, which has SPF 38 to shield skin from rays, as well as vitamins C and E to neutralize pollutants and brighten skin. 
    2. The Leveler Pore Minimizing Primer, which is great for oily skin, comes in light and dark tones, and may lead you to use even less concealer as foundation. 

3. Lighten Up First

Grab your lighter concealer and hit the following areas:

- Under eyes and corners of your eyes
- Top of your cheekbones
- Bridge of your nose
- Tip of your chin
- Cupid's bow (under your nose, above your top lip)


Before you start blending with your Micro Mini BB, hold up! Blending out your concealer immediately will cause it to shear out more than you want, and you need it to sink in when using concealer as foundation. So dot your spots and wait a minute before blending. Better yet: Dab and then do #4 before circling back to blend out bright spots.



4. Spot-treat Second

For blemishes and dark spots, grab the concealer that matches your foundation. A dual-sided applicator is key here because you can use it to dot, dab and blend. If you’re working with BOUNCE Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer, its doe-footed wand already has a pointed tip that’s precise enough to cover even the tiniest spot.

Use the darker concealer on:

- Blemishes or acne scars
- Red spots
- The sides of your nose around your nostrils where redness and discoloration are common
- Lower cheeks, especially if you have rosacea 

Be sure to tap your concealer directly onto smaller spots without buffing or blending so you don’t draw attention to problem areas. 

5. Blend, Baby, Blend! 

Wet your Beautyblender and bounce, bounce, bounce!

Start by blending the spots you dotted with darker concealer first so you don’t accidentally highlight blemishes by mistake.

Once you’ve blended those, rinse your blender and bounce the lighter spots. Be sure to blend your lighter concealer up your cheekbone past your eye for a highlighting boost.

Finally, take a look at the spots where you used the lighter color. If any look unnaturally light, dab a dot of the darker concealer — aka the one you use on the rest of your face — and blend that out. 

This last step is what ensures a natural finish — and keeps you from looking like you fell asleep wearing sunglasses 😎.

6. Powder, Bronze & Blush

To set your look, grab your BIG BOSS Powder Brush and apply your favorite dusting powder. If your summer skin is darker due to more hours spent (safely SPF’d!) outside, try skipping the powder and go straight to bronzer for an even more makeup-free look.

Add a quick swipe of blush and a spray of Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray and your natural summer glow is good-to-go.

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