The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Might be Making With Your Blender

1. You're using it dry.

The special aqua-activated foam creates a smooth and even blend when the sponge is first dipped in water. Pro makeup artists love using the sponge damp so that foundation application goes on seamlessly. Better yet, if you've spent a ton of moola on that foundation, saturating your sponge with water will keep your precious product from being absorbed resulting in less product waste. So the final verdict, just wet, squeeze (out any excess water), bounce (your favorite formula). 



2. You're dragging it across the skin.

Swiping a beautyblender over your face is just moving product around instead of properly laying it on. Always bounce the blender on your skin, think of it as an easier version of a pro technique called stippling. It creates that uniform, seamless coverage and professional effect even if you're not a pro. Bounce the pointed tip in hard to reach areas like under the eyes and nose and bounce the wider end on larger surfaces like your cheeks, chin and forehead.


3. You're only using the blender with liquid foundations.

The special aqua-activated beautyblender foam can work with powders, liquids, creams and even gels. The narrow tip of the blender is perfect for applying powder under the eyes to set and bake makeup.