Why does sustainable makeup matter? 

It’s a question we get now and then here at Beautyblender. And we figured what better day than Earth Day to shed a little light on sustainability?!

The short answer is this: We’ve only got one Earth, y’all.


And we believe it’s all of our responsibilities to keep Mother Earth looking and feeling healthy, fresh and fabulous so she can remain queen for many, many years to come. 

Whether it’s recycling that Starbucks cup, walking to the store instead of driving or buying a sustainable makeup sponge, we know little things can have a big impact. 😉  And you can help!

Sustainable makeup brand goals: 3 ways you can help Beautyblender

1. Find your (re)purpose.

One of our *fave* creative challenges here at BB is how to recycle makeup brushes — or sponges or containers or bags or pretty much anything else you can find underneath our makeup counters. There is nothing we don’t love to repurpose, which is why aren’t afraid to offer a little guidance on how it’s done, hunny.


Step 1: Know when it’s time to refresh or replace your Beautyblender

We’ve gotten pretty good at extending the life of your favorite BB, but even we aren’t miracle workers. Check in with your bouncy little friend and your cleaning schedule regularly to make sure it’s still keeping your application as fresh as possible. 

Step 2: If it’s time to replace, take these articles for a spin:

9 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Beautyblenders 

Cat toys, paint jobs, nail art, buff scuffing! There’s no end to what your old blender can tackle when you pair it with a little creativity. 

10 New Ways to Use Your Beautyblender

From applying hair removal creams to touching up roots between salon stops, your Beautyblender’s never met a job it can’t handle.  

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Rosie Posie Container

One step people often forget when it comes to how to recycle makeup brushes: Figuring out how to recycle the container they come in. But never fear! We’ve got 10 ways for you to make use of the cylinder from your Rosie Posie Makeup Sponge and Cleanser Set. From organizing office supplies to cleaning up kitchen counters, you’ll be the belle of the eco-friendly ball. 

2. Reset, recycle, relax!

Did you know that every Beautyblender is recyclable? It’s true! Our aqua-activated™ sponge is made from 100% recyclable materials and non-toxic, water-soluble dyes. But wait, there’s more: All of our canisters are also 100% recyclable! So you can feel good whether you’re unwrapping an OG BeautyblenderBlusher or Micro Mini, as long as you follow these steps:

Step 1: Wet, squeeze, bounce.




Step 2: Reduce, reuse, recycle! 


Bonus tip: Place a second “trash” can or bin in your bathroom for recyclables only. You’ll be more likely to recycle if you have an easy way to do it. 

3. Be picky with your products

So you already know that every Beautyblender is recyclable. But what if you want to take your sustainability game to the next level? Consider yourself covered… in eco-friendly makeup! 

Step 1: Bring some BOUNCE to your powder.

ICYMI, our brand-new BOUNCE Soft Focus Gemstone Setting Powder uses sustainably sourced mica (a naturally occurring, *totes* magic mineral dust) to absorb oils and cancel unwanted shine. It works with combination, normal or dry skin, so you can keep your face and your eco-friendly game tight. 

Step 2: Go Bio Pure!

Speaking of things that are new and improved still flawless, have you checked out Bio Pure? Our sustainable makeup sponge is formulated with a 60% plant base made from sugarcane, which means you get the same ultra-plush softness as the original, and we get an even more sustainable production process. 

Bonus: With Bio Pure, even the canister is cutting-edge. Our eco-efficient process creates less water waste and offsets CO2 emissions. In slightly less science-y terms, that means we’ll save 3,400 pounds of virgin plastic in a year. That’s *roughly* the same weight as 17 baby elephants. And if you think we did that math just so we could show you this gif, you are 100% correct.


Step 3: Get the goods on eco-friendly makeup. 

When it comes to sustainable makeup brands, research is your best friend. But who has time to pull out a magnifying glass to actually read all the tiny print on the products?! Turns out we do! 

From the natural oils you need to the sulfates and parabens you do NOT, we’ve broken it down for you. 

What’s in My Makeup? 6 Ingredients You WILL See in Our Products & Why

What’s in My Makeup? 10 Things You WON'T See in Our Products & Why

Happy reading, and Happy Earth Day!