Makeup Sponge Uses: 9 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Beautyblenders

From showing us your mom makeup tips to how to repurpose your old Rosie Posie containers, we can always count on you to bring smarts and a smile to our face when it comes to Beautyblender creativity.

In fact, our founder Rea Ann Silva recently chatted with POPSUGAR about another great idea: makeup sponge uses for old Beautyblenders. Check out the ideas below.

Here are 9 fun, fabulous ways to reuse your old Beautyblenders.

1. Amp up nail art

Leave it to ultimate gal pal Rachel Ray to shout out one of our favorite makeup sponge uses: the perfect ombre nail. 

Here’s how it’s done:

- Paint your nails your favorite shade and let it dry fully.
- Dot a metallic or glitter polish on the tip of your old Beautyblender.
- Tap the polish from the center of the nail to the edge, and work through all 10 fingers.
- Go back for a second coat as needed, and voila! You’ve got the perfect ombre nail.
ombre nails

2. Liven up lips

Another entry on the Ombre Train: perking up your lip look

- Line your lips and fill in edges with a dark liner. 
- Dab a lighter lip colour in the center of each lip with your old BB. 
- Behold your luscious look!

3. Entertain furry friends

Full disclosure: this makeup sponge use *may* be less of a repurpose and more of a “look on the bright side” after a furry friend steals and snacks on your blender. But the fact remains: old Beautyblenders make great cat toys! Win-win for our furry friends.

cat looking at toy

4. Add pizzazz to paint jobs

One of the best makeup sponge uses we’ve seen is painting with old Beautyblenders. Use the same process you’d use to create nail art, but dab paint on canvas, your walls or piece of furniture for a super cute speckled effect.

paint to blend

5. Give curls a whirl

Folks, we have to hand it to you: achieving killer curls is perhaps the most creative of all the makeup sponge uses we’ve seen. 

For beautiful, heatless curls overnight, simply:

- Cut old blenders in half. 
- Roll sections of hair around each sponge. 
- Secure with a bobby pin at the hairline.
- Wake up and unwind your perfect bouncy waves!

6. Buff out scuffs

Favorite stilettos looking a little worse for wear? Buff out scuffs with your old blenders. Your patent-leather pumps will thank you. 😘

stiletto heels that you can help use a blender for scuffs

7. Clean screens

Who says beauty products can’t also be functional? One of the most practical makeup sponge uses we’ve seen is cleaning screens. 

- Simply spritz your old blender with a little bit of glass cleaner.
- Blot on your phone, tablet or computer screen to clean without worrying about scratches or smears. 
- It also works great on glasses or camera lenses. 
blenders for camera screen clean

8. Get a glam, sunless glow

All blender babes know how crucial it is to prime skin daily with SPF — but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good summer glow! Use old blenders to achieve a flawless self-tanner application. No spots, streaks or marks allowed!

Beautyblender laying in the sun image for sunscreen application

9. Say goodbye to stains

We’ve all been there: you finish your face, swipe on deodorant and pull on your perfect LBD only to realize you’ve smeared foundation and deodorant all over your clothes. Not to worry: wet and squeeze your blender and bounce stains away. No muss, no fuss, all fab! 

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