Beyond the Blend: 10 New Uses For A Beautyblender Sponge

What time of day do you usually reach for your fave Beautyblender?

For most of us, it’s morning. We’re bouncing on foundation and concealer and blush and generally preparing to look flawless. But guess what? Your Beautyblender sponge is not a one-hit wonder! 

Even on days when you’re rocking minimal makeup, there are dozens of Beautyblender uses you can take advantage of — morning, noon and night. 

Here Are 10 New Ways to Use Your Beautyblender Sponge

1. Small jobs

Not doing a full face? There’s a Beautyblender sponge for that. As you’ve learned from our Makeup Sponge Size Guide, we have 3 sponge sizes: the biggest is the OG, the next is the Blusher, and the Micro Mini is the smallest. On days when you’re only using a little makeup — just a swipe of blush or a spot of eyeshadow — grab the mini to get the full job done precisely. 

2. Hair removal creams

When it comes to depilatory creams, precision is pretty much a matter of life and death. After all, what’s worse than trying to remove a patch of pesky hair between your eyebrows and taking out a big stripe of brow instead?

Use the pointed tip of your Beautyblender Micro Mini for maximum precision, or grab an OG Beautyblender for bigger areas like your underarms or bikini line. Just be sure to clean it *really* well before you use it again so you don’t end up rockin’ a Schmidt. 


3. Primers, serums & sunscreen

Primer is precious. So are collagen creams, vitamin-C serums, high-end moisturizers and specialty sunscreens. If you apply them with a Beautyblender sponge, not only will your application be more even, but you’ll also use less product. 

4. Facial masks and self care

Since you're likely staying in on the weekends more these days, how about a self-care moment? While we love a good detoxifying charcoal mask, they can be hard to take off — but not with a Beautyblender! Simply wet and squeeze your OG blender to buff them right off. 

5. Highlighters, shimmers & oils

All great glimmers start with a Beautyblender sponge. Just dip the tip into a drop of face oil or Shinelighter and apply it to the high points of the face — cheekbones, forehead, Cupid’s bow— for a bright, non-glittery glow.

Facial Features Explained

6. Erase mistakes

When you’re working with a whole lotta look, s*&% happens. One of the best Beautyblender sponge uses is erasing mistakes. Just swish a clean blender with a little bit of micellar water, toner or makeup remover and spot-treat mishaps rather than washing your face and starting over.

7. Refresh & remove oil

Some afternoons, your face needs a little lift. Soak a blender in a little Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray and pat over your face to soften hard edges and refresh your look. If you tend to get oily over the course of the day, dip your blender into translucent powder and blot excess oil away. 

8. Take off makeup

BBs were made for putting on makeup, but one of the major beauty blender uses pros swear by is taking makeup off. As you know, applying product with a Beautyblender sponge is all about that bounce; we never wipe! Until now. To remove makeup, simply swish your blender in makeup remover and wipe away. Day done! 

9. Stop stains

Stains are no match for Beautyblenders. Use a clean, damp blender to blot away annoying deodorant marks on your LBD, or dip one into stain remover to spot treat that spaghetti-sauce splatter.

10. Touch-up roots

Finally, the most top secret of our Beautyblender sponge uses: an instant root touch-up. If you don’t have time to hit the salon, simply dab a Beautyblender sponge into a matte eyeshadow that closely matches your hair and dot onto your roots. Bye bye, bad hair day! 


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