If you’ve ever compared your makeup application to what you see pro artists or influencers do and wonder why your job didn’t turn out as well- we got you.

Who among us hasn’t Googled for tips as we stared at an over-contoured, mascara-streaked, unrecognizable version of ourselves in the mirror? 

Honey, we’ve all been there. Whether you’re struggling with overdone makeup or trying to nail down which aging makeup mistakes you’re making, nothing takes the fun out of putting on your face faster than messing it up.

Not to fear! Today we’re going to walk through how to fix makeup mistakes with help from a few experts and The Blend archives

Here are 10 common makeup mistakes and how to fix them. 

Makeup mistake #1: Not using primer

When you’re learning how to fix makeup mistakes, it doesn’t get much simpler than “just use ___.” And that’s the secret when it comes to primer: Use it! While moisturizer is a must, it can’t do everything primer can do, especially when it comes to helping makeup stick. 

The best face primers build a barrier between your skin and your makeup so your skin stays healthy, and they create a base for other products to stick to. If you’ve ever wondered about makeup mistakes that can age you, not using primer is a HUGE one. 

If you have dry-normal skin, Opal Essence Serum Primer is a great do-it-all place to start. Its hydrating, transformative texture helps foundation glide over skin without clinging to dry patches or lines, and it’s packed with all kinds of botanicals to help soothe and brighten skin over time. If you’re more on the oily side, try The Leveler™ Pore Minimizing Primer. It zaps shine and smoothes out texture (it also comes in two translucent tones!). 


Makeup mistake #2: Not using hyaluronic acid (HA)

On the mission to understand common makeup mistakes and how to fix them, hyaluronic acid is another secret weapon too many people skip. As a substance that exists naturally in your body — it lubricates joints and tissues — HA is SUPES skilled at replenishing moisture in your skin. 

Now, you may be wondering, what does moisture have to do with makeup? Answer: EV-ER-Y-THING. Thirsty skin may be the problem if:

—Your skin feels rough or tight.

—Makeup settles into lines and wrinkles

—Your complexion just looks a little dull.

And, since skin gets dehydrated even more easily as we age, not using hyaluronic acid is one of the most common makeup mistakes that make you look older.  

Bring your skin back to a bouncy, youthful glow by making sure your makeup has hyaluronic acid. Since it’s a key ingredient in our concealer, foundation AND our brand new  BOUNCE Soft Focus Gemstone Setting Powder, you’re probably already covered 😘.

Makeup mistake #3: Putting on concealer before foundation

The dictionary defines foundation as “something that provides support for something else.” Now, you guys know us — we don’t usually start our tips the same way bridesmaids start bad wedding toasts, but this definition matters! Foundation supports everything that goes on after it.

How? Simple: As you’re putting on foundation — even just a light layer on your face and neck — you’re chipping away at your concealer goals. By grabbing your BOUNCE Liquid Whip Foundation first, you’re:

—Softening and minimizing spots

—Giving yourself a base to help other products go on smoother

—Cutting down on how much concealer you’ll need

—Using less product overall, which creates a more natural look

Bonus: Going overboard on concealer is one of the most common makeup mistakes that can age you, and that’s a good look on exactly no one. 

Get the full story on why you should apply foundation first. 

Makeup mistake #4: Using just one shade of concealer

One of the most common makeup mistakes is using just one shade of concealer all over. Take a look at your face in natural light and try to find the darkest and lightest spots on your face. Are those spots the same color? If so, congrats on winning the complexion lottery! If not, welcome to the Normal Skin Club! We are always accepting new members, and we love to spill our secrets.

Secret #1 is that most people need two concealers:

1. A lighter concealer that’s 1–2 shades lighter than your skin tone, which you’ll use to brighten and highlight (goodbye under eye bags!)

2. A darker concealer that matches your foundation, which you’ll use to cover acne, dark spots and redness

Trust us: Figuring out whether you need one or two concealers puts you WAY ahead of the curve when it comes to learning how to fix makeup mistakes.

Makeup mistake #5: Applying two shades at once

Now that you’re inside the concealer circle of trust, here’s another secret: don’t get all mixed up. When we’re combining products, it may keep them from doing their jobs properly, and that creates a muddy complexion. 

Luckily, the fix is easy. Apply lighter concealer first to the following spots:

—Under eyes 

—Corners of eyes

—Top of cheekbones

—Bridge of nose

—Tip of chin

—Cupid's bow

Once you’ve blended those out, use your darker concealer for super-targeted cover-up jobs like blemishes, acne scars, redness and the sides of your nose. Since you already know the big secret to fixing makeup mistakes — #FOUNDATIONFIRST! — you’ll have less to cover up, and you’ll be able to strike with surgical precision, which will keep you from drawing attention to problem areas. 

Want to learn how to use concealer as foundation in a pinch? We got you.

Makeup mistake #6: Blending too soon

And now, the final rule of correcting concealer makeup mistakes: Patience, young grasshopper! Blending out your concealer immediately — light or dark — will cause it to sheer out, and that goes against your goal. The solution is simple: Hit your highlights or dot your spots and then wait. Holding off even 60 seconds before blending will give your concealer extra staying power.

Makeup mistake #7: Contouring for the camera, not real life

Makeup artist D’Andre Michael works his magic on everyone from Lil Kim to Mary J. Blige, so he knows a thing or two about contouring for the camera. But day to day, Michael says the biggest makeup mistake people make is contouring like they’re about to hit a Broadway stage or a red carpet.

“People focus so much on contour and highlight, and they go too dark with contour,” says Michael. “People love that dramatic highlight, but if you’re not in the right light, it can look like a very weird streak on the face. What pops on Instagram doesn’t necessarily look good in real life!”

Instead, Michael suggests going closer to your skin tone with your highlighter so it looks more natural. 

“I’ll do a contour, but I make it pop or add highlights with Aquaphor, which is like $5, or Glass Glow Shinelighter, he says. “Find that happy medium, and don’t be afraid to look natural! Be a better version of yourself rather than trying to look like someone else.”

Makeup mistake #8: Using too much powder (or the wrong one)

When it comes to makeup mistakes that make you look older, using the wrong powder is a big one. 

Powder can settle into fine lines and crow's feet, and it can cling to dry patches, which draws attention to the spots you’re trying to downplay. And if you’re caking on a powder that’s not finely milled, you’re probably creating a texture that’s thick and suffocating, which instantly adds years to your face.

Not to worry! A light dusting of loose powder will help set your makeup without settling into lines. Look for a powder that’s finely milled, reflects light and contains mica, a naturally occurring mineral dust that creates a shimmery finish. We use mica in our BOUNCE Soft Focus Gemstone Setting Powder — along with rose quartz, aloe vera and freshwater pearls — for a magical mix that absorbs oils and cancels unwanted shine while brightening skin. 

Makeup mistake #9: Using a dry Beautyblender

While we can’t speak for other sponges, the biggest makeup mistake people make with Beautyblenders is using them dry. Our special aqua-activated™ foam is at its bouncy best when it’s given a good dunk and a quick squeeze before you use it to apply product. You’ll see it grow nearly twice in size. In fact, saturating your sponge with water will ensure it absorbs less makeup, which means less waste and a streak-free, seamlessly applied foundation.

Makeup mistake #10: Slippin’ & slidin’ instead of bouncing

If you’re still swiping and sliding your makeup on, you’re missing out on the real power of Beautyblender. Regular makeup sponges move makeup around because that’s what they were invented to do. Beautyblender, on the other hand, was designed to properly lay down products by creating uniform, seamless coverage. And, since it has a pointed tip, you can even bounce it into tiny corners near your eyes and nose for pro precision all the way around. 

But don’t take our word for it — take Lottie’s! The L.A. makeup artist and Insta sensation swears by her BB sponge when it comes to blending and buffing. 


“I’ve used Beautyblender since it first came out,” she says. “I used to use a foundation brush, but I prefer the Beautyblender finish. I use it for everything from blending edges to buffing out blush. It gives such a natural finish and it looks like skin. It never leaves streaks or patches.”

But Lottie’s biggest secret when it comes to mastering the perfect makeup is something you learned in preschool: Be yourself!

“Find a look that’s comfortable for you,” she says. “I think people see others doing makeup and they think they need to do all those steps and in that order. But it’s really based on every individual. Don’t worry about looking like anyone else.”

How to fix makeup mistakes: Bonus trick

Believe it or not, no matter how many *supes* helpful articles you read, makeup mistakes happen! Would you believe you already have the power to erase those mistakes at your fingertips? One of our favorite Beautyblender uses you may not know is erasing makeup missteps. 

If you overextend your cat eye or overdo your blush, simply swish a clean blender in makeup remover and spot-treat the problem. It’s a heck of a lot easier than washing your face and starting over! Plus it gives you the freedom to try out new looks with a little less pressure. 

Tip: Grab the ALL.ABOUT.FACE kit so you can keep one blender clean and handy for any makeup mistakes. This kit comes with: 

 —An OG beautyblender

—A beauty.blusher 

—A micro.mini AND

—A mini blendercleanser solid to keep all 3 blenders squeaky clean. 

What are you waiting for?