A year ago, if you heard the words “face mask,” makeup *probs* wasn’t part of the equation. 

Unless you were watching football, a “face mask” was a skincare luxury you might enjoy at the end of a long week, probably while wearing a fluffy robe, ideally with your feet up and a glass of rosé in hand. 

Today? Face mask has a whole new meaning — but it doesn’t have to be a less fabulous one, as long as you know what you’re doing. 

Before we begin, let’s establish Rule #1 of face mask makeup: Less is more.  Anytime your skin is covered when it would normally be out in the open, something’s gotta give. In this case, it’s your product. While layers may be a great look for fall, they’re not a good look for your skin. And now the good stuff!

10 Tips for Flawless Face Mask Makeup

1. Prime & Protect.

Face mask makeup is all about equality. Some parts of your face will be exposed to sun most of the day while others won’t even see a stray ray, so it’s crucial to ensure you’re primed and protected everywhere.

Enter Selfie Shield. Our broad-spectrum primer packs SPF 38, so it shields skin completely from all harmful rays — UVA, UVB and from electronic devices. It also includes antioxidants and vitamin C and E, which neutralize pollutants and brighten skin.

2. Lay A New Foundation.

Smudges and stains are face mask makeup don’ts, but here’s our dirty little secret: skip the foundation! In hot summer months, we love lighter makeup, and that means using your BOUNCE Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer all over. We'll tell you how in the additional links, but first let's continue through the tips.

3. Make Yourself Blush.

While it’s perfectly fine to skip this step if your mask is full-coverage, you might notice that the tops of your cheeks peek out a little. If they do, give ‘em some love! Grab your Beauty Blusher and sweep a little long-wear sheen across the apples of cheeks.

4. Draw A Line.

2020 has been ruff for everything under the sun — except your eyes. Since March, they have been the *star* of the show. For face mask makeup, it’s always fun to sizzle with a smokey eye or to learn how to do eyeshadow like a pro. But the fastest way to add a little lift to any eye is winged eyeliner, which we’ll cover in the additional links. 

5. Highlight Hidden Assets. 

If you’ve used Glass Glow Crystal Clear Shinelighter, you know it’s great for brightening cheeks and lips. But don’t leave it in your makeup drawer just because they’re covered! Apply shinelighter to your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and on the inner corners of your eyes to maximize all that attention.

6. Bring Out The Brows!

If your eyes are the Leo of this story, your brows are the Brad — and Brad had quite the year. Give your eyebrows the VIP treatment by learning how to shape, fill and style them in our link at the bottom so every eye you try will pop. 

7. Give Your Lips Some TLC.

When it comes to face mask makeup, you can approach your lips two ways: 1. You can give your pouters a much-needed break with a sheer, nourishing lip treatment; or 2. You can swipe on your favorite long-lasting, matte lipstick to pack a little smudge-proof surprise when you drop your mask on a conference call. 

8. Set It Off.

To set your whole look, grab your BIG BOSS Brush and apply your favorite dusting powder. Or, if your skin is feeling a little too layered, skip the powder and go straight to Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray to seal the deal. 

9. Bring, Blend & Bounce.

No matter how tight your face mask makeup, you’ll need a touch up or two. Bring along your Micro Mini, our smallest blender, to blot, blend and touch-up on-the-go.  

10. Keep It Clean. 

Staying squeaky clean has obvs never been more important, but remember that means more than just your hands — it means your face, your tools and your mask. Ideally you’d clean them all every day, and the easiest way to make that happen is to invest in 5 or so breathable, cloth masks so you can wash them when you wash your clothes. Just remember to air dry — both your tools and your face mask! 

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