Take a deep breath: Your dream eyeliner brush is here to solve the world's winged eyeliner probs. Because really, is there a more frustrating step in your makeup routine besides applying eyeliner? It takes some serious patience and precision to make even one eye look good, nonetheless two. But we’ve got a solution. Check out the deets on our two incredible tools to solve your eye makeup woes.

Meet Our New Curved Eyeliner Brush: The Wing Man

If you’ve ever been a little uneasy (and way late) when applying eyeliner, our brand new eyeliner brush is here to help. Meet The Wing Man, our first-class curved eyeliner brush. The cruelty-free tapered bristles are specially designed to hug the lash line for high-precision application.

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The curved head shape will help create a steady flick every time, even if you’re usually a little shaky. Best of all, The Wing Man works for all eyeliner types, from gel to liquid to powder. Winged eyeliner never looked so sleek!

 The Wing Man is one of our faves from our brand new brushes collection, The Detailers. Use these multi-purpose brushes (some of them have cooling rollerball tips on the end!) along with your Beautyblender to ace every aspect of your look. Our new eyeshadow brush and brow brush pair perfectly with The Wing Man for eye makeup domination.

How to Get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look

There are a few essential steps to getting the perfect cat-eye, winged eyeliner makeup look. The Wing Man eyeliner brush will help you along the way. Here’s our step-by-step process on how to master it:


Step 1

Dip your Wing Man brush into your preferred eyeliner formula. Working from the outside in, start using small strokes along the lash line to sketch your shape.  

Step 2

Once your wings look great on each eye, it’s time to fill in the rest of your eyeliner. At this point, since your wings are outlines, it’s basically just coloring inside the lines for a smooth finish. The Wing Man eyeliner brush will help you get a sharp flick with its angled bristles.

Step 3

If your wings don’t look perfect, dip a pointed cotton swab into micellar water and carefully clean up any mistakes, This helps to instantly sharpen your flick even without a Patrick Ta-level of expertise. 


Meet The Liner Designer


While The Wing Man is bound to be your new favorite eyeliner brush, we have another amazing tool to help you slay the eyeliner game. We all know the feeling of intricately drawing the outer wing on each eye only to discover that they look completely different afterward. Symmetrical eyeliner wings are no easy feat, even for a makeup pro. 

That’s where our Liner Designer comes in. This triple-edged eyeliner tool acts as a steady guide so you can create multiple looks and always have steady, even flicks. Use it with any eyeliner, pencil, pen, gel cream, liquid, and powder formulas. The tool itself is shaped like a guitar pick, but it’s edges are designed to perfectly stencil your eyeliner so it glides on easily. Plus, it’s made from a stretchy, rubbery material so it sits on the skin comfortably.

To perfect your entire eye makeup look, check out our best tips on how to apply eyeshadow along with all the details on our new brushes collection, The Detailers. Your best beauty routine is only a few clicks away!

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