How to Clean Your Beautyblender

  Getting your blender spotless is so much simpler than you think....


Getting your blender spotless is so much simpler than you think. Forget the hacks you've read about microwaving (please don't) or pouring vinegar (but why?) on your blender. Our cleansers are tailormade for the exclusive beautyblender foam so it effectively cleans and conditions without causing any damage. Better yet, it also works with makeup brushes. We recommend cleaning your blender after every use so you can keep it in prime condition.

1) Wet beautyblender or makeup brushes.

2) Swirl an ample amount of your favorite blendercleanser formula onto the blender or brush. Then, allow them to soak in a bowl of water or work into a lather. To avoid snags or tears, squeeze delicately.

3) Rinse with clean water. Squeeze out excess water and allow to dry completely in a clean, well-ventilated area.

For a deeper clean, use cleansing mitt to help break up stubborn stains. For spot cleaning and switching between products, try our quick-cleaning spray, Instaclean™.

Can't decide which cleanser is for you? Check out the chart below to find your perfect formula.

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