How to Tame Eyebrows in 5 Simple Steps

A perfectly shaped eyebrow is an art form. Unfortunately, not all of us are born artists. So what do you do when you need to know how to tame eyebrows but it doesn’t come naturally? 

You come to The Blend, of course! You don’t have to be Banksy to get eyebrows that will have people asking if you just got back from a spa because they can’t figure out *exactly* why you look so amazing. Whether you’re starting with wild, wonderful bushies or sleek, barely-there brows, we’ve got you covered.



Here’s How to Tame Eyebrows in 5 Steps

1. Know your goal

Whatever eyebrow shape you’re seeking, remember that eyebrows are meant to frame your face. The easiest way to achieve that: make them symmetrical — aka matching, filled-in and fabulous. It takes some trial and error, but you can master it in minutes if you have the right tools. 

2. Style your shape

Try to keep your natural brows in a simple shape so your makeup doesn’t have to do all the work on the daily. Wax, thread or microblade the bigger jobs and leave the rest to your trusty tweezers. 

When learning how to tame eyebrows, it’s about addition and subtraction. (Don’t worry: equations will not be on the final exam.)

- To add dimension, volume and drama, use an eyebrow brush, pencil or powder to fill in or extend brows.
- To create a clean, natural shape, subtract excess hair by plucking or waxing.


And remember: when you’re subtracting, go slowly! You can always pluck another hair, but you can’t make it grow back.To determine your perfect baseline brow, pluck the obvious strays and then put down the tweezers and go do something else. When you come back to the mirror, if you still think more have gotta go, you can be confident in your decision. 

Now how, you may ask, are you going to work all this artsy magic? Pick up The Player. When it comes to how to tame eyebrows, this versatile synthetic brush is really all you need, IOHO 🙏🏾. 

It has you covered 3 ways:

1. Stiff angled bristles help lay down brow powders, creams, gels and waxes
2. The double-sided spoolie brushes and blends brows
3. The comb helps separate and define eyebrows as well as lashes
The Player: How to Tame Your Eyebrows tool

 Once you pick your product, let The Player do the rest.

3. Set your intentions

Decide what look you’re going for. Does today feel like a thick brow day or is it an arched-and-angled occasion? What about a bare approach for a crisp and clean look?

If you’re going natural, grab a clear gel or eyebrow pencil, which will help you mimic your real brows. Start at the top of your nose and work your way from the inner part of your brows to the outer arch. Pro-tip: Go back and forth between your left and right brow for more help keeping those brows symmetrical. 

If you want a bold, more fully-filled-in look, use a colored gel or brow powder, which will cover the most surface area. Apply the product directly onto the spoolie of The Player and then use it to fill in your main brow areas. Work from the outside in, and be sure to start with our next tip: 

4. Be sketchy

When it comes to adding shape and color to your brows, start by using your pencil or powder to stencil in an outline. Step back from the mirror and see if you like where you’re headed. If so, fill in the lines. If not, wipe it off and start again with a blank canvas. 

Not sure your art skills are up to par? Here’s a top-secret hack: While we created our Liner.Designer tool to help you achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look, you can also use it for brows. The tiny triangle tool is a great teacher for people learning how to tame eyebrows but who may not have the steadiest hand.

5. Lock down your look

Lastly, use your eyebrow brush or spoolie to brush your hairs to their resting place. Finish it off with eyebrow gel or setting spray to keep going strong all day long. 

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