When it comes to winter makeup tips, moisture is always our #1 concern. Whether you’re sizzling with a smokey eye or balling out with a bold lip, all good winter makeup looks start and end with moisture. 

So why not pick a look that protects your rep as HBIC while also protecting your skin? Here are 3 winter makeup tips to ensure you are the picture of perfection. 

1. Do the dew

Dewy makeup is *all* about that glisten. It’s meant to be luminous, with a sheen that plays up moisture to maximize skin’s suppleness. But it doesn’t just play at being a master of moisture — it actually helps seal in glowy goodness so your skin never reaches thirst-trap territory. 

Get the full guide here, or keep it simple with these 3 steps:

1. PRIME. Grab your favorite Beautyblender and dab on a healthy dose of Opal Essence, our creamy serum primer that’s packed with fermented botanical extracts. Opal Essence is formulated to give you the perfect dose of dewiness without clinging to fine lines, blemishes or wrinkles.

2. HIGHLIGHT. A good highlighter is crucial to helping your beautiful face find the light wherever you go. Use our Glass Glow Shinelighter on cheekbones, eyelids and lips to play up your natural sparkle. The lightweight formula melts into skin without clogging pores, so it stays glossy for hours without feeling sticky or heavy. 

3. SET. Cold, dry weather is ROUGH on skin, which means an extra layer of protection is essential. Grab Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray to lock your look in place — and lock all that moisture into your skin.

2. Shake ‘n’ bake

Like all the best makeup tricks, baking comes from queens — drag queens, to be specific. Baking is a technique that supercharges the makeup-setting process using translucent powder and natural heat from your face. The end result: A flawless finish that stands up to the elements, which is why it’s a winter makeup look you can count on.

Get the full guide here, or follow these 5 steps:

1. CONCEAL. Apply a concealer under your eyes using a damp Micro.Mini blender.

2. CONCEAL AGAIN. The extra layer of concealer fills any fine lines you missed in round one. 

3. BAKE. Grab your Power Pocket Puff and apply a generous layer of translucent powder like our brand-new BOUNCE Soft Focus Gemstone Setting Powder. Wait 5–10 minutes. 

4. DUST. Sweep off excess powder with the Big Boss Powder Brush.

5. SET. Finish your makeup and set your fierce face with Re-Dew.

Baked makeup looks great in photos, won’t smudge and never surrenders to sweat, which makes it *the* most versatile foundation for any winter makeup look. Now you’re ready to hit the slopes or the stage. Sashay away! 

3. Mind your mask

In 2021, masks aren’t an afterthought; they are an integral part of every ensemble. As such, they must be considered in all winter makeup looks — and that’s not a bad thing!

Masks have some pretty positive side effects when it comes to winter makeup looks. Masks:

— Protect you from germs (duh).

— Keep your face warm and cozy (no frostbite here, y’all).

— Protect your skin from wind, sun, ice and snow (just don’t forget that SPF on your forehead).

— Cut down on the time it takes to do your makeup (and we never met an eye-only look we didn’t love).

— Take your accessory game to a whole new level (if you have the right mask).

Beautyblender Sequin Masks

Are we biased toward our sparkly BB masks? You bet.

Check out all 10 of our mask makeup tips, or use these as a quick refresher:

PLUMP IT UP. Concealer is your best friend when it comes to covering pesky undereye circles, which is crucial to mask-focused winter makeup looks. And BOUNCE liquid whip concealer does you one better than just covering up — because it’s packed with hyaluronic acid, it activates and plumps skin cells, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, lines and discoloration. 

BE BLUSH, NOT BASHFUL. Blush has become a bit of an afterthought when it comes to winter makeup tips in the time of COVID, but don’t deny your cheeks! Most peek out a little, so give them some love by using your Beauty Blusher to sweep a long-wear sheen across the apples of cheeks.

BRUSH UP ON BROWS. There’s never been a better time to give your brows some TLC. Grab The Player brow brush and refresh your memory on how to shape, fill and style them using our complete eyebrow guide

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