Whether you’re traveling for vacay or just heading into the office, we all have our VIP travel makeup products we can’t leave home without. Some products are naturally the perfect size for easily traveling (um, hello BB). But we all have a few products we wish we could take with us everywhere, like those fancy eyeshadow palettes or big foundation bottles that aren’t exactly purse-friendly. Luckily, we’ve got a few ideas for your best travel makeup products so you can get that #lewk anywhere. 


Travel Makeup: Cleansers

If you’re like us, you love keeping your tools clean – even while traveling. Since the Beautyblender is so compact and easy to take with you on-the-go, we wanted to make a cleanser that’s just as travel-friendly. Think of Instaclean™, our spray sponge cleanser, as dry shampoo for your Beautyblender. No worries if you don’t have time for a full cleanse. Instaclean allows you to switch from one product to the next for a true-to-color application every time—from foundation to blush and everything in between. Plus, it’s only 2 oz so it fits perfectly in your bag or suitcase. And if you want a cleanser that takes up even less space, our solid Blendercleanser® can fit in the palm of your hand and since it’s liquid-free, it’s TSA-approved.

Travel Makeup: The Blender Defender

Once your BB is clean, take it one step further by protecting your sponge from all the other products hanging out in your makeup bag. Meet our Blender Defender. It’s your Beautyblender’s new home away from home. This portable, shatterproof case makes it super easy to store or carry your BB on-the-go – while protecting it from grime and germs that may be floating around your other makeup products. Plus, it can hold two Beautyblenders! And if you wanna get REALLY fancy, check out our All That Glitters Blend & Defend Kit with a translucent glitter Blender Defender case (yes, plz). Not to mention that it comes with TWO blenders (count ‘em, two!). 

Travel Makeup: Brushes

As much as we love our queen Beautyblender, sometimes you gotta pull out the brushes for extra precision when it comes to eyeshadow or powder products. That’s why we designed state-of-the-art brushes that pair well with the Beautyblender. Our brush collection, The Detailers, features the best makeup brushes in the game. A few of them even have cooling rollerball tips on the brush ends to help rejuvenate tired skin – which is perfect for those jet-lagged mornings. Now, you also don’t have to lug a facial roller around with you. If you’re in the market for a few do-it-all brushes that are perfect for travel, check out our Entourage 5-piece brush set. All 5 of our brushes come in an *adorbs* travel bag so you can take them with you anywhere. 



Travel Makeup: Setting Spray

When that sluggish 3 pm feeling hits during your workday, or when you’ve just landed from a long flight overseas, it’s probably time for a makeup refresh. One of our fave travel makeup products is setting spray to help breathe some life back into your look. If you snag our Glow All Night kit, you’ll get a 15ml oh-so teeny and cute version of Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray. Its size makes it perfectly portable so you can hydrate, refresh, and glow on the go. We love using it mid-flight or right before landing so the skin gets a boost.  And with antioxidants, white birch extracts, and hyaluronic acid in its formula, Re-Dew is your answer to a quick recharge so you can feel your best at any hour of the day.

Travel Makeup: Highlighter

One of the best things about highlighter is that it’s often one of the most portable travel makeup products – not to mention that it’s the perfect final touch for any look. Our Glass Glow Shinelighter™ is a clear balm that looks good on any and all skin colors and types. It adds a natural, glistening radiance to any look whether you’re fully glammed up or going for something minimal. Plus, it’s about the same size as the average lip balm – so it fits perfectly in any bag (it could even fit in your pocket!).

And there you have it folks – the ultimate list of our top travel makeup products. Don’t forget to check out some of our favorite on-the-go looks for those busy days.