Glow With The Beautyblender Highlighter

Highlighter makeup is all grown up 

Your social feed has likely been taken over by extremely highlighted cheekbones, but not all highlighters are created alike. Some advertise sparkle, while others promote shine. Yet, so many highlighters leave a sticky, unblendable streak. Count us out on anything that doesn’t blend. With so many options, it’s easy to get lost in the shelves, pallets, and bottles of highlighter makeup.

The highlighter market is massive and saturated but most formulas contain tons of shimmer or glitter. Most people don’t include sparkly or colorful makeup in their everyday routine, which is why we created a sophisticated option. Your go-to look can easily include highlighter if you choose one that fits your lifestyle.

The glow you’ve been looking for

Introducing Glass Glow Shinelighter, your new go-to highlighter. The colorless formula gives you a non-sticky, grown-up way to glow. Because Shinelighter is clear, it’s good for all occasions and blends with all makeup. Our vision was to create a go-to highlighter makeup that takes you from the office to the weekend.

Sophisticated, trendy, fun, and professional adults need a product designed to fit the adult lifestyle. Long-lasting and subtle, this highlighter is designed to be a staple in your beauty routine. Beautyblender is highlighting the grown-up who wants to glow without the sparkle, color, or obvious streak. Glass Glow Shinelighter can be used as a base alone or on top of makeup (see graphic) for extra sheen. The best part? Beautyblender’s highlighter makeup is easily blendable. Win-freaking-win. 

Glass Glow Shinelighter offers tasteful illumination without the sticky texture that other highlighters leave evidence of. Designed to be applied and blended with a Beautyblender sponge for seamless illumination; bounce along with the traditionally highlighted areas shown below, and let the light do the rest.

how to apply highligher

How to use Glass Glow Shinelighter

Here’s where you can get creative. Glass Glow Shinelighter can be applied in various ways and amounts to achieve your desired glow. But first, prime your face. It can be applied traditionally over your foundation on cheekbones, eyelids, lips, and anywhere else you want to highlight. Finish your routine with setting spray. If you break a sweat in your 8 AM meeting with Miranda Priestly, Re-Dew Set & Refresh spray will preserve the look.

Bottom line, there are hundreds of highlighter makeup options out there, but only Glass Glow Shinelighter was designed to complement IRL wear and not just on the ‘gram.  Wherever and whenever you want to shine, Glass Glow Shinelighter will give you radiant, dewy skin at every angle–subtle enough for daily use. A grown-up way to glow.

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