Friends, the time has come. We’ve *officially* launched…(drumroll please)...


We’re stoked to introduce you to The Detailers collection, aka our brand-spankin' new line of makeup brushes. You might be thinking, wait... Beautyblender launched a line of brushes? What about my favorite makeup sponge?!

Don’t worry! The OG Beautyblender® isn’t going anywhere–and we still think it’s the best way to ace your base and get a flawless finish every time. But here at Beautyblender, we’re all about innovation. Creating unique beauty products and tools that are great for skin is our jam, so The Detailers were born. We can promise these makeup brushes are unlike anything you’ve used before. Let’s brush up on The Detailers. 

About The Detailers Makeup Brushes

These are not your grandma’s makeup brushes. The Detailers are a super squad of 5 vegan & cruelty-free multi-purpose tools, each hand-crafted to mimic real hair. Inspired by jade rollers, 3 of these beauties have a rolling tip on the opposite end for some skincare love. SAY WHAAAAT?!

Yep–these rollerball tips (in the shape of a Beautyblender, duh!) fit all contours of the face and help de-puff, sculpt, and refine skin with cooling zamac roller tips. The zamac tip means the roller is *always* cool, no refrigeration required! Plus, they’re totally sanitary. Our rollers are non-porous so they never collect bacteria and can be easily cleaned. 

With 360-degree spin, it’s easy to cover all the hard-to-reach spots. Designed to stimulate microcirculation and provide a fresh, energizing effect, the rollerball tip is a gamechanger you’ll love incorporating into your beauty routine. Plus, they’re literally at your fingertips since they’re on the opposite end of your makeup brushes, so you can take them with you anywhere.

Here’s a deep dive into the 5 supreme makeup brushes in the Detailers collection. Trust us–get your hands on these brushes and it’ll be love at first swipe.


Meet The Makeup Brushes

The Big Boss

the big boss makrup brush

The Big Boss makeup brush is a double-ended powder brush with a full, domed head at the top for soft application with a cooling rollerball tip on the other end. Soft bristles will help set powder with an airy finish that never looks overdone. The fluffy head glides smoothly over your skin and helps reduce cakiness. Use the rollerball tip before application to prep and depuff skin. You can even use the rollerball tip to apply eye cream before bed or first thing in the morning to help cool down or wake up your skin.

The Shady Lady

shady lady makeup brush

Meet your eyeshadow’s new best friend. Densely packed bristles and a medium-sized tapered head allow the Shady Lady to perfectly lay down eyeshadow with major pigment payoff and less fallout. The cruelty-free synthetic fibers are ultra-soft on the delicate eye area and apply powders and creams with a high-impact finish. Use the trusty rollerball tip on the back end to alleviate puffy eye bags before applying product. No one will ever know you ate sushi last night.

The High Roller

high roller makeup brush

Whether you’re a smokey eye pro or a makeup minimalist, this fluffy crease brush allows for a perfect blend—regardless of your skillset. No matter your lid shape, the ultra-soft cruelty-free synthetic bristles on the High Roller strike the ideal balance between control and flexibility to create a perfect blend without all the effort. The double-sided brush also comes with a cooling roller tip to depuff and sculpt. Your under eyes will look just as perfect as your lids.

The Player

player makeup brush

It’s like 3 brushes in one! The Player is a triple-use makeup brush ideal for perfecting brows and lashes. The synthetic tapered brush with angled bristles helps lay down brow powders, creams, gels, and waxes with ease and precisely define brow edges. On the other end, a double-sided spoolie (yes, we said double-sided!) allows you to brush and blend brows AND define lashes. Use the spoolie to brush through brows and the comb to separate and define lashes after mascara application.

The Wing Man

wing man makeup brush

Meet the eyeliner brush of your dreams. The Wing Man brush is the first of its kind–an eyeliner brush with a curved head shape which helps create a steady flick every time. The cruelty-free tapered bristles are specially designed to hug the lash line for high-precision application, for gel, liquid or powder formulas, without any gaps or crooked wings. Use it with our Liner.Designer makeup tool to achieve the perfect winged cat-eye liner look and there’s no stopping your eyeliner game.

Each of these one-of-a-kind makeup brushes doesn’t just do wonders for your skin–they’re built to help you precisely apply your favorite products for a flawless finish. Engineered with the same TLC as the iconic Beautyblender® we all know and love, these Brushes are a must-have in your makeup bag.

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