Sure, you’ve used a beautyblender for a killer base but the little pink sponge is more versatile than you think. From highlighting brows to contouring, applying foundation, and baking, this makeup sponge can do it all. The Original Beautyblender and its supplementary tools form the Swiss army knife of makeup applicators.


We all know that a well-moisturized face is the key to happiness and anti-aging, but did you know that you can and should apply moisturizer with a Beautyblender? This tried and true technique does three things:

  1. Keeps the bacteria and oil from your hands off of your face
  2. Applies the moisturizer directly to your face instead of soaking into your hands
  3. Targets those hard to reach areas with our micro mini pro for laser-focused detailing!

Pro tip: makeup artists use this secret to freshen up clients faces before applying face makeup. Using a Beautyblender to apply extra moisture is especially convenient when you’re on the go. There’s no need to wash your makeup sponge simply between applying moisturizer and foundation. Simply apply your favorite foundation right on top of the moisturizer for an extra hydration boost!


Since Beautyblender works with both wet and dry products, you can bake on your face makeup with products of all consistencies. After you’ve applied your foundation, simply use the same makeup sponge and bake away. Alternatively, you can also use the Pocket Powder Puff for a powder-only application.

bake with powder puff

Next, use the Kardashian shaped side of the Beautyblender to bake those large highlighting areas and the tip for getting into the corners of the eye and nose. Note: you might want to switch to the micro-mini blender for a more detailed nose job (lol).

Pro tip: with a few bounces and a spritz of setting spray, you’ll be on your way to flawless face makeup that will last all day long!


After you’ve applied your base face makeup, you can use the side of your blender to create a killer contour or perfect highlighter. The rounded edges of the blender also create the most natural pop of color on cheeks while the precision tip is great for touching up your nose and other delicate areas.

Even if you’re a makeup newbie, Beautyblender is pretty much a goof-proof way to a flawless face. Adding Beautyblender to your everyday face makeup routine can save you time, so you can go back to reading E! News.

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