We all want to know how to get flawless skin, am I right? Sure, makeup can cover up our imperfections–but that’s not the sole purpose of makeup. Here at Beautyblender, we’re all about using makeup as a way to enhance our natural beauty and highlight our best features. And it all starts with keeping your skin in check. Like our founder, Rea Ann Silva says–great makeup starts with great skin. Here are 5 easy and applicable tips for how to get flawless skin.

Establish a skincare routine you can stick to.

If you’re wondering how to get flawless skin, the first step is to establish a routine that’s realistic for your lifestyle. Those of us who are skincare fanatics (*raises hand*) are more likely to make time in our scheduled to focus on skincare. Maybe it’s through a daily face mask before bed each night or a 6-step washing and moisturizing routine in the morning before work. These are pretty bold routines that require a little more time and energy than someone who lives a fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle. If you know you only have a few minutes each day to focus on your skin, that’s cool too–just don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s better to stick to a simple regimen every day than to do a 10-step routine every blue moon.   A realistic routine is one you can stick to on the daily and keep consistent.

Moisturize and prime your skin on the daily.

how to get flawless skin

We *love* a good moisturizer. Moisturizing has tons of benefits, like hydrating dry, flaky skin and regulating the moisture levels in the outer layer of your skin. Plus, it just feels amazing to have a fully hydrated complexion. No matter what type of skin you have, whether it’s dry, oily, or combination, hydration is key. We recommend moisturizing at least once a day–either in the early stages of your makeup routine or before you go to bed after cleansing. Another pro tip is to use a makeup primer to help your makeup adhere and last all day. 

Use a Beautyblender.

If anybody knows the power of a perfect blend for flawless skin, it’s us. The original Beautyblender leaves an airbrushed, even finish with every application. The edgeless, egg-shaped sponge is made with our exclusive aqua-activated™  material that ensures makeup lands on your skin, not in your sponge. The super-soft material has skin-mimicking texture so your application always looks real–not cakey and without streaks or spots. Everyone who wants to know how to get flawless skin needs a Beautyblender in their makeup arsenal. Simply wet, squeeze, and bounce your BB with virtually any product–primers, concealers, foundations, highlighters–you name it, this state-of-the-art makeup sponge does it all. 

how to get flawless skin

Mix products to get the best of both worlds.

Knowing how to get flawless skin means breaking the rules a little bit. Feel free to mix products whenever you need to and enjoy the benefits of both. For example, maybe mix in a little moisturizer with your foundation if you want even more hydration. Same goes for eyeshadow–who says you can’t mix and match your two fave colors for the perfect shade?! And while the back of your hand can be a great little mixing palette, we know the importance of finding that perfect balance. That’s why created Sur.Face Simple–a sleek clear-colored mixing palette to help bring your creativity to life (and to your skin!). It’s basically a painter’s palette so you can blend to perfection without using your precious hands as the mixing surface.

Drink water and nourish your body.

It might sound like a cliche–but flawless skin truly does start from within! If you want your skin to look amazing on the inside, you have to nourish it from the inside. Staying hydrated and drinking water on the daily is a good way to drain toxins within the body–including your skin and face. Try drinking half of your body weight, in ounces, of water. So if you way 140 pounds, you should drink 70 fl oz of water per day for ultimate hydration. Eating a healthy diet is also imperative for good skin since nutrient-dense food helps revitalize skin cells that keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Set your makeup for an all-day glow.

how to get flawless skin with a beautyblender

There are always a few finishing touches you can add to help keep your skin looking flawless from day to night. A makeup setting spray helps lock makeup in place and refresh skin when you’ve been on-the-go. Our fave setting spray, the Beautyblender Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray, is a do-it-all mist to help hydrate skin and revitalize makeup whenever you need a touch-up. You can also try baking your makeup with setting powder and the Power Pocket Puff™ to lock in concealer and foundation. 

If you want to know how to get flawless skin, these tips are the first steps in getting there. Once you’ve got the basics down, all you need is the queen of all queens, aka the Beautyblender for a flawless, glowing finish that lets your skin shine through naturally.

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