How To Contour Your Face

The phrase “how to contour” is searched over 30,000 times monthly. Let’s establish that as much as we love Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim didn’t...

The phrase “how to contour” is searched over 30,000 times monthly. Let’s establish that as much as we love Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim didn’t invent contour. The internet-breaker can be credited for bringing contour back but she didn’t invent the game-changing trend.

The concept of contour dates back to the 1500s when actors used chalk and soot to define their faces on stage. Lucky for us, times have changed, there’s much easier to use contour products now and even better Beautyblenders exist so a perfectly chiseled face is foolproof.


Step 1

contour face

After your normal primer and foundation routine, lock your base layer in with a light dusting of translucent powder. To contour, apply a foundation or contour product that two shades darker than your base with a blender. Start by bringing the contour along your hairline down to your temples. Be sure to blend the contour into your hairline so the shadow appears natural. Sucking in your cheeks, follow the line from your ear to the corner of your mouth.

The key is to blend, blend, blend. Work the large side of a damp blender to seamlessly diffuse the contour. Bounce in a slightly upward direction everywhere besides your jawline where you’ll blend down into your neck.


Step 2


While contour chisels, highlighter helps illuminate. There are lots of different formulas to play with, from powders to creams as well as different shades. It’s key to find a formula that fits your needs (like if you have oily skin, a powder highlighter might be your best bet over a cream). Even more importantly, find a hue that’s flattering to your skin tone, using the wrong shade can wash you out or make you look ashy.

Our new highlighter, Glass Glow Shinelighter, takes out the guesswork since the clear base can work on all skin tone. The glossy gel has a non-sticky high shine finish which can be layered from subtle radiance to major glossy drama.  Apply to the high points of your face, like the tops of the cheekbones and cupid’s bow with the pointed end of the Beautyblender® . Be strategic about highlighter placement; we’re talking more Kate Moss and less Tin Man. Place highlighter on your features that you want to stand out. These areas are surrounded by contour, so the combination creates perfect dimensions–giving you angles–á la the point of contour.


Step 3

bronze skin

Whether you opt for the stereotypical Cali glow or just want the added layer of depth, bronzer is definitely a makeup bag MVP. Dust bronzer over the general areas that you focused on with contour.


Step 4


Finish your look with a touch of blush to bring the rosy warmth back into your face–you know, the perfect balance between slightly embarrassed and slightly sunburnt. Finish up your routine with a spritz of setting spray and hit the town.


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