Fall eyeshadow looks are always on our mind ‘round about now, but in 2020? The eyes have been front and center, hunny, for a minute.


That means there’s never been a better time to get in front of some new fall eyeshadow looks. 

4 Fall Eyeshadow Looks for 2020

1. Go overboard with overliner

Based on the latest runways — remember real-life fashion shows? 😥— fall eyeshadow looks are saying one thing: Go big or go home. Is that ironic considering most of us are already at home 23 hours a day anyway? Sure, but there’s no reason you can’t go big while you’re home, starting with eyeliner. 

Two easy ways:

- Get into overliner. Try adding liner outside the bounds of your normal lash lines, or draw abstract lines a half-inch or so above your cat-eye using black eyeliner. 

- Expand on the floating eyeliner trend we talked about for summer with a smudged version. It’s a great way to amp up something you already know how to do with smoldery fall vibez. 

Tool tip: The WING MAN: Curved Eyeliner Brush can do both because it creates a steady flick, every time.


2. Get extra with eyeshadow

Coloring inside the lines is so 2019. Be extra in a good way with these two fall eyeshadow looks:

- Undershadow is essentially the eyeshadow version of that kohl liner we were all sporting in 2010 but blissfully balanced. Pick a bright eyeshadow, smudge it along your under-eye line and play up your top lashes to balance it out.

- For extra oomph, try two-toned shadow. After you apply undershadow, use a different shade on your top lid for maximum moment-making. 

Tool tip: The SHADY LADY: All-Over Eyeshadow Brush & Cooling Roller will help you apply shadow everywhere you want and nowhere you don’t. 


 3. Bling-out brows

This one is not for the faint of heart — aka not for Zooming with Grandma Ruth — but blingy brows are too fun to forego. Start by using THE PLAYER: 3-Way Brow Brush to smooth and tame brows, and then add sparkle with stick-on jewels. 



Depending upon your brow thickness, you may need to use a few dabs of lash glue, even if the crystals come with adhesive. Finish with a graphic black eyeliner and a simple lip for dialed-up drama.

4. Shine Evvvvverywhere. 

2020 is the time to shine, and that extends beyond fall eyeshadow looks. Grab a trusty tube of Glass Glow Crystal Clear Shinelighter and you’ll be able to add a glossy glow to whatever part of your face you want to play up that day. 

Use Shinelighter on top of a bold lip — glossy lips are v. in for fall — on the apples of your cheeks, or to finish any eyeshadow. For a flawless bit of flash, use a dark bronze shadow on your lid and a lighter shade on the inside corner of your eye. Finish by dotting shinelighter over the top of the lighter shadow to lock in your glam lewk. 



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