A reliable crease brush is a one-way ticket to eyeshadow perfection. Here at Beautyblender, we know the key to a flawless eyeshadow look–and really, any makeup look–comes in mastering the blend. (Trust us, we know a thing or two about blending). 

The right crease brush lets you blend out eye makeup for a cohesive, polished look. That’s why we designed the best crease brush for flawless eyeshadow. Let’s meet her, shall we?

Introducing The High Roller Crease Brush

crease brush

The High Roller crease brush is an MVP tool in our new brushes collection, The Detailers. Whether you’re a smokey eye pro or a makeup minimalist, this fluffy crease brush allows for a perfect blend, regardless of your skillset.  

No matter your lid shape, the ultra-soft cruelty-free synthetic bristles strike the ideal balance between control and flexibility to create a perfect blend without all the effort. Plus, it allows for a ton of dimension in your crease between the lid and brow bone.

To get the most out of the High Roller crease brush, apply eyeshadow onto the crease as desired and use the bristles with a back-and-forth windshield wiper motion to effortlessly blend pigment. Use the High Roller along with our go-to eyeshadow brush, The Shady Lady, to complete your look. Our friends at Real Simple love these using these two brushes together!

But wait–what if we told you the brush itself may not even be the best part? We’ve got news for you. The High Roller comes with a rollerball cooling tip on the end. 

How to Use the Cooling Rollerball Tip 

The High Roller crease brush is one of three brushes in our new collection that comes with a cooling rollerball tip. Inspired by jade rollers, these double-sided brushes are meant to bridge the gap between cosmetics and skincare. Apply your fave makeup products with one side, and satisfy your skin using the rollerball tip on the other. These smooth and calming roller tips are perfect to help bring tired skin to life.

Use the rollerball to depuff and sculpt so under eyes look just as perfect as your lids. After moisturizing your skin, roll the metal tip from the inner corner of the undereye out to the edges. 

best crease brush

Made with skin-cooling zamac, the rollerball tip is designed to help stimulate microcirculation and provide a fresh, energizing effect as it helps reduce puffiness and define contours. Plus, since the rollerball is right on the back of your brush–you can take it everywhere and use it at a moment’s notice—they feel super smooth and satisfying on your complexion!

Between the OG beautyblender and the High Roller crease brush, you’ve got a solid lineup for a flawless, fully-blended finish. Don’t miss out on the rest of our brushes collection, either! Whether you want a sturdy powder brush or tapered eyeliner brush, The Detailers collection is here to help you create a perfectly precise look.

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