It feels good to start the new year clean, and learning how to clean your makeup blender is a simple way to start.

The problem comes, however, when you know how to clean your tools but you just can’t be bothered to do it. Studies show that 39% of women clean their tools less than once a month and 22% never clean them.

People… We must do better! Dirty tools are full of all kinds of nastiness, from makeup residue and oil to bacteria and dead skin. Not only will all these things impact your skin’s health, but they’ll also make it impossible to achieve a flawless foundation.

Fear not: the solution is simple! First, you have to learn how to wash makeup brushes and Beautyblenders, and then you have to get into the habit of doing it—both of which we’re going to help you with today.

Here are four simple tips for starting off the new year so fresh and so clean. 

Clean tip #1: How to clean my makeup blender 

When it comes to how to clean makeup blenders, the process couldn’t be simpler.

Use these five steps for a squeaky clean makeup sponge:

— Wet your Beautyblender.
— Swirl a healthy dollop of Blendercleanser onto your blender.
— Allow it to soak in a bowl of water or a plugged sink while working into a lather.
— To avoid rips or tears, squeeze delicately.
— Rinse with clean water while squeezing out excess water.
— Allow the blender to dry completely in a clean, well-ventilated area.

    Bonus tip: For a refresher on Beautyblender cleaning, bookmark How to Clean Your Beautyblender: The Official Guide.

    Clean tip #2: How to wash makeup brushes and Beautyblenders

    Now that you’ve mastered how to clean makeup blenders, apply your newfound wisdom to makeup brushes.

    The process is pretty similar to blender-cleansing, but we don’t do as much full-on submerging to avoid saturating bristles in a way that could breed bacteria.

    How to clean makeup brushes

    To clean makeup brushes:

    — Fill a small bowl or sink with lukewarm water.
    — Squeeze in a tablespoon of Liquid Blendercleanser and stir.
    — Dip each brush into the bowl to absorb the cleanser-filled water. 
    — Work in the cleanser by rubbing the bristles onto your palm, the back of your hand, or—ideally—the Keep It Clean scrubbing pad, which was created to quickly knock out grime.  
    — Rinse your bristles under running water to wash out all residue.
    — Blot the brush bristles into your towel in their natural shape. 
    — Let them dry on top of a clean, dry towel overnight.

    Bonus tip: Save this image to your phone or bookmark How to Clean Makeup Brushes the Right Way so you’ll never be without our handy cheat sheet.

    Clean tip #3: Find the best blender and brush cleanser for you

    Now that you’re an expert in all things cleanup, it’s time to figure out which Beautyblender cleansers are right for you. Spoiler alert: there’s no wrong answer. 😘

    All of our cleansers:

    — Eliminate grime and oils 
    — Are made with vegan cleansers 
    — Protect against 99.7% of germs
    — Are custom made for our exclusive beautyblender foam, so they effectively clean and condition blenders without causing any damage

    Find your perfect formula using the chart below.


    Which Cleanser is for You?


    For a deeper clean, use the cleansing pad to break up stubborn stains. For spot cleaning and switching between products, use our quick-cleaning spray, Instaclean. And for the latest in all things Blendercleanser, try out our charcoal cleansing products

    What’s the deal with charcoal?

    Activated charcoal is a fine powder created by putting regular charcoal under *super* high heat. That “activation” creates teeny-tiny holes, which make the charcoal extra absorbent since those little spaces can trap toxins and chemicals. 

    Does charcoal kill bacteria?

    Activated charcoal is full of toxin-trapping pores, so it’s capable of absorbing other minerals and bacteria. While scientists are still studying the full effects of charcoal, they do believe it’s capable of absorbing and inactivating bacteria.  

    Why is charcoal good for your skin?

    Activated charcoal can:

    — Draw impurities out of the skin by removing trapped dirt
    Reduce acne by getting blemish-causing bacteria and oil out of pores
    — Improve your complexion by sloughing off dead skin cells
    — Bind and sweep away unwanted smells
    — Reduce redness by flushing out toxins

    We’ve made it easy for you to try out charcoal a couple of ways:

    BESTIES Blend & Cleanse Starter Set: Charcoal Edition

    The BESTIES charcoal kit gives you all the advantages: 

    — Get an airbrushed finish with the edgeless Beautyblender Pro,
    — Keep your tools spotless with the charcoal-infused Blendercleanser,
    — Use the silicone scrub mat to nix stubborn stains, and
    — Store it all in the ventilated pouch so you can grab ‘n’ go! 

    BESTIES Limited Edition Blend & Cleanse Starter Set (Charcoal Edition)


    Our Solid Charcoal is a gentle formula that breaks up grime and stubborn makeup while maintaining the integrity of BB’s aqua-activated material. 

    BLENDERCLEANSER® SOLID® CHARCOAL Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser


    Our high-powered liquid cleanser draws out stubborn stains with a super-concentrated blend of sustainable palm oils, nourishing aloe, and coconut oil. Plus, because it’s a liquid, it makes your life even easier since you can now soak multiple tools at once—even overnight. 

    BLENDERCLEANSER® LIQUID® CHARCOAL Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

    Extra credit reading: What’s Up with Charcoal? Your Complete Guide to Charcoal Benefits for Skin

    Clean tip #4: Set a reminder!

    Finally—and most crucially—set a weekly reminder to clean your tools. Yes, it’s seriously as simple as that! Hop on your phone’s reminder app, put it on your iCal or set an alarm—whatever will trigger you to take the time to DO IT.

    Personally, we like to clean our tools during Sunday-night self care. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of chamomile, do a little swirling and soaking of tools and then do a little soaking of our own in a nice hot bath to wind down before the week. Just set a reminder and create a ritual that works for you and you’ll be in business.