We all know that flawless skin is the key to any makeup look, whether you’re going for smoky eye vibes or a bold lip. Foundation is one of the first things used in your makeup routine and sets the tone for the rest of the look. The hardest part? Applying it. That’s where Beautyblender comes in. It’s easy to use, allows for a fast application, and leaves the best streak-free, natural-looking finish to your foundation. Here’s why the Beautyblender is the best sponge to apply foundation with, along with our top tips for a flawless finish.

The Beautyblender has minimal makeup waste

Nothing is more frustrating than shelling out the big bucks for your favorite foundation only to feel like you’re wasting half of it as it gets lost on your fingers or in the bristles of your brush. The Beautyblender is uniquely designed to repel product which makes it the best sponge to apply foundation with.

use beautyblender makeup sponge for minimal makeup waste

The key is to use a Beautyblender when it’s damp. Wet your blender fully before use and squeeze out the excess water. You’ll notice your blender grow to almost twice its size once it’s damp. Then, bounce the blender into your foundation and apply it to your skin.

Our aqua-activated material ensures that the sponge absorbs water instead of your product, so your foundation lands on your complexion and doesn’t soak into the blender. It’s a win-win for your makeup look and bank account. Plus, the damp surface allows makeup to go on smoother for that perfect airbrushed finish. 

The Beautyblender is streak-free

The iconic egg shape of the Beautyblender makes it ideal for applying foundation to your entire face, including the nooks and crannies that are harder to reach. Use the rounded side for the larger areas of your face like your cheeks and forehead, and the pointed end for the more intricate areas like the corners of your nose and eyes. Since the sponge is edgeless and rounded, you won’t have brush streaks or fingerprints left on your complexion since the blender allows for even application.

use Beautyblender makeup sponge for streak-free foundation makeup

Plus, one of the main benefits of the Beautyblender is in the name itself. It’s the perfect tool for blending! The days of worrying about splotchy patches of color are over. And the ease of blending will ensure your makeup goes on smooth every time–another reason the Beautyblender is the best sponge to apply foundation with.

The Beautyblender works with any product

Did you know the Beautyblender can be used with liquid, cream, gel and powder products? Whether you prefer one to the other (or use a combination), the Beautyblender can handle products of all consistencies and formulas. You can achieve both a matte or dewy look with your favorite foundation formula using the Beautyblender and be confident that you’re getting the most out of your products.

use Beautyblender sponge to apply any makeup product

And don’t forget about our smaller Beautyblender sizes, the blusher, and the micro mini. Use the blusher for perfecting color on the apples of your cheeks, and the micro mini for precision around the eyes or spot treatment. With various sizes and uses, Beautyblender is truly the best sponge to apply foundation with, along with any concealers, highlighters, or BB creams.  

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