What’s Up with Charcoal? Your Complete Guide to Charcoal Benefits for Skin

At this point, you’ve probably heard a bunch about charcoal skin benefits. You’ve probably also read a bunch of articles saying: “Charcoal is the new black.” We don’t blame them! That headline writes itself 🤓. 

But when you start to break it down, what are the benefits of charcoal for skin? And is charcoal good for your skin or should you just stick to cleaning your tools with it

Here at Beautyblender, we’ve been BESTIES with charcoal for quite some time now, so let’s break it down. 

BLENDERCLEANSER® SOLID® CHARCOAL Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

What is activated charcoal? 

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder that’s created by putting regular charcoal under crazy-high heat. That process—aka “activation”—creates teeny-tiny holes in the charcoal, which make it super porous. It also makes it super absorbent since those little bitty spaces can eventually be used to trap toxins and chemicals. 

Is activated charcoal the same thing you cook with? 

As if! The stuff you use to grill is a type of charcoal, but activated charcoal is a totally different animal. So don’t go grabbing anything from your porch and rubbing it all over your face. 

What is charcoal made of?

Activated charcoal is made from lots of different ingredients including coconut shells, peat (the spongy stuff found in marshes and swamps), bamboo, coal, and even olive pits. 

BLENDERCLEANSER® SOLID® CHARCOAL Scented Sponge & Brush Cleanser

How does charcoal benefit skin? 

Scientific research on charcoal benefits for skin is still a work in progress. While there’s not a ton of evidence just yet, tons of people already love it for lots of reasons. 

So many people dig it that you’ve probably already purchased products with activated charcoal in them, such as deodorant, soap, or toothpaste. 

Charcoal skin benefits 

Activated charcoal has been shown to:

— Draw impurities out of the skin by removing trapped dirt.

Reduce acne by getting pimple-causing bacteria and oil out of your pores.

— Improve your complexion by exfoliating skin and sloughing off dead skin cells. 

— Bind and remove unwanted smells in applications such as deodorant or foot powder.

— Soothe skin and reduce redness and swelling by flushing out toxins.

Activated charcoal’s toxin-fighting properties are so strong, in fact, that it’s been shown to neutralize toxins in insect venom, reduce cholesterol, AND treat sensitive stomachs (but please, don’t go drinking your Blendercleanser). Yeah, science! And when it’s applied to the skin or products using the patented wet, squeeze, and bounce of a Beautyblender, it’s pretty unstoppable. 


Is charcoal good for your skin and health? 

So far, research suggests that charcoal is totally fine for most people. Charcoal is inert, which is just a scientific way to say it does more REacting than ACTUAL acting, and who among us doesn’t wanna catch some of those good, lazy vibes?! 

But for real: Even if you don't see the benefits of charcoal when you try it yourself, it shouldn’t do you any harm. If you’re worried about sensitive skin, test any products you want to try on a small patch of skin inside of your elbow. Wait a couple hours, and if nothing’s red or itchy, have at it! Plus, here at BB, we only use charcoal in our cleaning products, so you’re not going direct-to-skin anyway. 

Try out the charcoal benefits for skin

At Beautyblender, we like everything to be tried and true, so we’ve been working that charcoal angle for a minute. And we *JUST* released our BESTIES Blend & Cleanse Starter Set (Charcoal Edition), which means there’s never been a better time to get in on the action. 

BESTIES Blend & Cleanse Starter Set: Charcoal Edition

Build a charcoal-powered collection instantly with this set:

— Get an airbrushed finish with the edgeless Beautyblender Pro,

— Keep your blenders, brushes, and tools spotless with the charcoal-infused Blendercleanser,

— Use the silicone scrub mat to nix stubborn stains, and

— Store it all in the ventilated pouch so you can grab ‘n’ go! 


well, IYKYK. But for those who don’t, our BC Solid Charcoal  is a gentle formula that breaks up grime and stubborn af makeup while maintaining the integrity of BB’s aqua-activated material. And the bendable silicone scrubbing pad is crucial to keeping your makeup tools tight.

If liquidity is more your lewk, add on a BLENDERCLEANSER® LIQUID® CHARCOAL. This high-powered liquid cleanser draws out stubborn stains and busts grime with its super-concentrated blend of sustainable palm oils, nourishing aloe, and coconut oil. Plus, the liquid version makes it easier than ever to soak multiple tools at once. (Pro tip: Try soaking overnight in your sink for maximum lazy charcoal vibes.)


Are you ready to be BESTIES?!? 

We thought you’d never ask.