How to Clean Makeup Brushes the Right Way

Although they don’t always get the credit, makeup brushes and Beautyblenders are the VIPs of our makeup bags. A Beautyblender can make foundation look totally undetectable so skin looks naturally flawless. Makeup brushes help us perfect all the fine details from perfectly blended eyeshadow and impeccable eyeliner to expertly defined arches. Even if they don’t get the hype they deserve, the least we can do is keep them clean and fresh. So what’s the best method for how to clean makeup brushes? We’re glad you asked.  

Why Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Matters

If there’s one beauty trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s skincare. Taking care of your skin is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. After all, the skin you’re in is yours for life—it’s worth it to keep your skin as healthy as possible.  

Healthy skin is reason numero uno for keeping your beauty supplies clean. Clean makeup brushes = clean skin. The same goes for a clean Beautyblender. Cleaning your tools often will help clear bacteria, dirt, grime, and buildup so you aren’t irritating your skin. 

Ideally, you should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least weekly. Of course, the more often you clean, the better, but a thorough clean once a week will keep your brushes in good shape. As for a Beautyblender, daily cleaning after each use is the goal. 

What Cleanser Should I Use to Clean My Makeup Brushes?

We’re pretty big on skincare and cleansing here at Beautyblender, so we have a ton of cleaning tools at your service. Our Liquid Blendercleanser is your do-it-all cleanser. It’s a great deep clean for both makeup brushes (have you checked out our new Detailers makeup brush collection?) and your Beautyblender.

Plus, it’s gentle enough to be used daily, so you can never go overboard. Formulated with coconut and sustainable palm oils, this cleanser breaks up makeup and grime without compromising the quality of brushes and Beautyblender sponges.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

For weekly cleaning, here’s a step-by-step guide for how to clean makeup brushes. 

how to clean makeup brushes

Step 1

Fill up a small bowl with lukewarm water. If you don’t want to use a bowl, you can run your brushes under lukewarm water from the faucet to start (but a bowl will reduce the mess).

Step 2

Squeeze about a tablespoon of our Liquid Blendercleanser into your bowl and stir.

Step 3

Dip each of your brushes into the bowl to absorb the cleanser-filled water. Rub the brush bristles onto either your palm or the back of your hand–but our personal fave is to use the Keep It Clean scrubbing pad to quickly knock out grime.  

Step 4

Rinse your bristles again to wash out all residue.

Step 5

Towel dry by blotting your brush bristles into the towel in their natural shape. Let them dry on top of a clean, dry towel overnight or until the next use.

How to Clean a Beautyblender

You didn’t think we forgot about our queen, the Beautyblender, did you? While your brushes are getting squeaky clean, your Beautyblender can too.  Check out our blog post on cleaning your Beautyblender for the full run-down on how to do it right.