It’s no secret that at Beautyblender, we stan plant-based beauty products and eco-friendly makeup. As a professional makeup artist, our founder Rea Ann Silva knew from day one how important it was to build a sustainable makeup brand. And actually, reusability is kind of why we exist since the OG Beautyblender was the first ever, high-quality reusable makeup sponge! 

Today, though, the OG will have to take a backseat (okay, maybe just scooch over a little!) so we can introduce the latest addition to the family: the Bio Pure Makeup Sponge. Bio Pure, please come through!


Bio Pure 101: Get to know our eco-friendly makeup sponge

Beautyblender Bio Pure is made of BioPlush™ foam. Formulated with a 60% plant base made from sugarcane, our latest innovation offers BB’s one-of-a-kind bounce while still blending makeup easily to a natural finish.

How do we do it? 

Bio Pure is made with our proprietary (aka super-secret, v. v. special 😉) 2-step foaming process. We use that to make all our sponges so you get a cleaner foam with no harmful chemicals. Because Bio Pure is made from a renewable plant base, you get the same ultra-plush softness as the original, and we get an even more sustainable production process. And you know what we (and LL Cool J) have to say about that?


So… what else is new?

Glad you asked! 

BIO PURE Recycled Materials

With Bio Pure, even the canister is cutting-edge in the field of sustainable makeup brands. Our eco-efficient process creates less water waste and offsets CO2 emissions. In the next year, we’ll save more than 3,400 pounds of virgin plastic by making new products with PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. That’s *roughly* the same weight of a small boat or an adult giraffe. Not too shabby!


Why sugarcane, tho? 

Again, glad you asked! Anytime a renewable resource (in this case sugarcane) is used in place of a non-renewable one (fossil fuels), that’s good for the environment. Sugarcane is renewable and sustainable, which means we can keep this up for a long time.  

But wait; there’s more! Sugarcane is also considered a waste product, which means that once it's been used to make sugar, it’s thrown away and eventually winds up in a landfill. HOWEVER, the big brains at Beautyblender have figured out a way to repurpose used sugarcane, reusing that “waste” to create a carbon-neutral, plant-based beauty product — all while maintaining the same soft bounce of the award winning OG BB.

But does it work as well as the OG Beautyblender?


Like the original, Bio Pure is designed to be wet, so as long as you wet, squeeze and bounce, it’ll be megasoft, mimic your pores and give you that skin-like finish. Bonus: Bio Pure absorbs water, not makeup, so it’ll save you some product and scratch in the long run 💋💰💜.

Can’t get enough Bio Pure?

Get you one! And check out all the FAQs for any burning questions we left unanswered, or just watch our founder slay all day on GMA.