BIO PURE Makeup Sponge FAQ's

How is the new Beautyblender Bio Pure different from the original Beautyblender? What changes did you make to the formula?

We worked hard to replace a majority of our raw materials with a renewable plant-based pre-polymer for the foam while also improving the canister production process to include less water and CO2 emissions.

Is Beautyblender Bio Pure fully organic/plant-based?

Our BioPlush™ foam is made from a 60% plant base of renewable sugarcane and produced with our proprietary 2-step foaming process which is used among all our sponges for a cleaner foam with no harmful chemicals. We are continually striving to create more sustainable options while maintaining the Beautyblender experience.

Does this work as well as the original Beautyblender?

We’re proud to create another innovative Beautyblender that offers the same bounce and softness while blending makeup easily to a natural finish. Like the original Beautyblender, Bio Pure is designed to be wet. It will become mega soft and mimics pores to create a natural finish. Plus, it absorbs water, not makeup, so your fave formulas land on your skin, not in your sponge.

Why did Beautyblender create Bio Pure?

Beautyblender has always created responsibly from the first reusable sponge to sustainably sourced cleansers formulated nearly two decades ago by founder, Rea Ann Silva, a pro makeup artist. We know that creating a more sustainable future is integral and creating more eco-friendly products help consumers make more sustainable choices. We are exploring using more bio-based ingredients and renewable materials to create a better impact on the environment and the sustainability of our business, long-term, but also because more and more consumers are seeking out sustainable choices in their products. After all, a more sustainable sponge can only have impact if beauties use it!

Could you elaborate on the exact benefit of the BioPure sponge being 60% plant-based? What is the benefit of sugarcane? How/why is this more environmentally friendly?

Anytime a renewable resource is used in place of a non-renewable resource, CO2 emissions are lessened and there is less strain put on the limited supply of fossil fuels. Benefit #1: Sugarcane is a renewable resource, therefore in the process of creating BioPure we are emitting less CO2 and putting less strain on the supply of fossil fuels. Benefit #2: Sugarcane is also considered a waste product. Meaning once it has been used (i.e. to make sugar) it is thrown away and will eventually end up in a landfill. The bio-based materials used in creating BioPure are derived from “used” or “waste” Sugarcane. AKA: we’ve found a way to repurpose a renewable resource even after it is considered “waste”. To summarize: In creating our latest innovation, Beautyblender BioPure, we are replacing 60% of our raw non-renewable materials with a more sustainable alternative. One that is carbon neutral, nondependent on fossil fuels and renewable, all while maintaining the same soft bounce and experience of the award winning Beautyblender.

Why isn’t Bio Pure fully plant based?

We believe the best way to help create a more sustainable future is to make tools and formulas that makeup lovers use every day more environmentally friendly. Beautyblender Bio Pure’s exclusive BioPlush™ foam  is a more sustainable sponge option that will enable consumers to take a step toward helping the environment without sacrificing the performance or quality that  Beautyblender is renowned for. At this time, technology hasn’t allowed for a fully plant-based alternative but we are committed to continuing to explore and develop our production process. 

National recycling program available in 2021, details coming soon.