This just in: you guys ❤️ skin tint.

Since we introduced BOUNCE™ Always On Radiant Skin Tint this fall, you Beautybabes have been hard at work solidifying BOUNCE as the best skin tint on the market. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙌🏿 🙏🏼 👏🏾

But ICYMI the skin tint celebration of the century, let’s catch you up!

What is skin tint?

Think of skin tint as a magical product that’s snuggled up right between moisturizer and foundation on the beauty spectrum. Skin tint makeup goes on sheer, so it lets your features—freckles, birthmarks, that glorious natural glow—shine through.

Skin tint foundation won’t replace moisturizer, primer, foundation, or concealer simply because it’s not meant to. Instead, the best skin tint will be your go-to on those light ‘n’ lovely no-makeup (but-secretly-a-little-makeup) days.

What is BOUNCE™ Always On Radiant Skin Tint?

BOUNCE™ Always On Radiant Skin Tint is a skin-loving tint that’s buildable, breathable, and built to stay put. BOUNCE skin tint works because it: 

— Is lightweight and blendable
— Floods skin with soothing beta glucan and smoothing niacinamide
— Hydrates and plumps skin with hyaluronic acid
— Is packed with willow bark extract, which reduces inflammation and blemishes
— Gives your face a gorgeous, skin-like finish
— Works with any skin type and comes in 20 flexible, tone-adapting shades

And that brings us to why we’re here: finding your perfect match.

Which shade of BOUNCE™ skin tint is right for me?

We’re glad you asked!

If you’re already a lover of BOUNCE Liquid Whip Foundation, the answer is easy: Just use the chart below to find your perfect match!

If you aren’t yet a member of the BOUNCE brigade, not to fear! You can find your perfect foundation shade in less than two minutes using our Shade Finder, and that will help you identify the best skin tint for you.

Skin Tint Shade Finder

Simply answer a few questions, identify your undertones, and match yourself with a model whose skin tone matches yours. And don’t worry: this test is multiple choice, so it’s a guaranteed easy A 😜.

Once you’ve found your match, all that’s left to do is grab the skin tint foundation that’s right for you! If you missed the chart at the top, we’ll save you the scroll:

Skin Tint Shade Finder

While you’re waiting on your BOUNCE skin tint makeup to arrive, learn all about skin tint here, and check out a few fun facts: 

— BOUNCE is 100% vegan, so it looks good, feels good, and all around IS good for skin.
— Skin tint makeup should be applied with a damp, bounceable Beautyblender so more of the super-sheer product stays on your face, not your fingers.
— In an independent clinical study of BOUNCE skin tint:
— 93% of people agreed skin felt smoother
— 96% said they’d replace their current foundation with BOUNCE, and
100% saw brighter skin and said BOUNCE felt weightless.

Now those are the kinds of numbers we like to see!

Ready to try the best skin tint on the market?

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