What’s the hardest part of creating a flawless foundation? For most of us, it’s matching our makeup shade and our skin.  That’s only gotten harder now that we’re all stuck at home, but don’t despair: the Beautyblender online foundation Shade Finder is here! Here’s everything you need to know to make the perfect match from home.

Foundation Shade Finder 101

The Beautyblender Shade Finder was developed as an online tool to help you find the perfect foundation in minutes, wherever you are. No need to get in the car, go to a store or, heck, even put on pants! Just answer 5 questions and let the foundation Shade Finder do the rest.

How It Works 

Step 1: Answer 3 questions

1. What color jewelry looks best with your skin tone?
2. Do you burn easily in the sun?
3. What color do the veins on your wrist appear closest to in natural light?

And don’t worry: this test is multiple choice, not fill-in-the-blank! We want you to get the right answer, so we’ll give you easy options to get you there.

Step 2: Identify your undertones.

The questions above are designed to help our foundation Shade Finder determine your undertones. While you probably know whether your skin falls into a light or deep category, undertones are a little more complicated. There are 3 basic kinds of undertone: 

• Warm undertones usually have traces of gold and red in their skin. These complexions typically get darker in the sun and never burn. 
• Neutral undertones have an equal mix of cool and warm tones. These types typically tend to get darker in the sun and sometimes burn. 
• Cool undertones have hints of pink and blue in their skin. These complexions tend to burn more easily.

Step 3: Match a model.

Once you I.D. your undertones, choose the closest skin match from our 13 models to reveal your shade. And viola! You’ve met your match.

Online Foundation Shade Finder quiz

 Your results will look something like this:

shade finder results

No matter the shade that’s selected, all 40 BOUNCE™ Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundations:

• Are weightless and full-coverage, so they easily blend for a flawless, bare-skin feel
• Bounce on easily so your foundation never looks cakey or fake, no matter how much or little you use
• Have a velveteen matte finish to create a multidimensional effect, like naturally healthy skin

90% of testers in a consumer study agreed that they would replace their current foundation with Bounce.

Meet Your Match

Ready to put our foundation Shade Finder to the test? Click here to get your results in 2 minutes or less. 

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