Makeup Finishing Spray vs. Setting Spray: Which Is Right for My Skin?

So… setting spray vs. finishing spray: What’s the deal? 

Not to go all Seinfeld on you, but, like, when do you use makeup finishing spray? What does it mean to “set” your makeup? And is there *really* a difference?

WE FEEL YOU. Spray is a tricky tool, but one you definitely want to master. So come closer, children! We’re about to break it down. 

FACT #1: Most finishing sprays and setting sprays are NOT the same thing. 

Keyword: most. But let’s put a pin in that. 

“Setting” and “finishing” your makeup are not the same step, which is why most people use two different products.

Setting spray vs. finishing spray

Makeup setting spray is a little like makeup glue. Its purpose is to fuse alllllll your layers of makeup into one for a natural effect. Its purpose is not to extend the wear of your makeup, but instead to smooth and blend — and to prevent those fugly uneven patches from popping up over the course of your day or night.

The best setting spray will merge:


Concealer, and


into a single, flawless layer.

Makeup finishing spray, on the other hand, is totally meant to help your makeup last longer. A few squirts will add longevity to any look, allowing you to go from day to night without reapplying. 

FACT #2: Not all sprays are created equal.

You know where this is going, right? 

We at Beautyblender are never content to use 2 things when 1 will do. So we created our own spray, which you probz already know and love: Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray

Here’s the sitch: One spritz of Re-Dew makes dry patches, dullness and caking a thing of the past (setting), but it ALSO keeps your makeup intact so you can play all day (finishing). As if that weren’t enough to make you fall totally N LUV, Re-Dew pulls *triple* duty by nourishing your skin at the same time. It’s loaded with white birch, hyaluronic acid, silk extract and probiotics to balance, soothe and brighten skin while providing longevity and radiance. 


How to set it & forget it with our finishing/setting spray

1. Use a Beautyblender to apply makeup as you normally would.

2. Be patient! Wait for mascara and liquid eyeliner to dry before spraying to prevent smudging.

3. Hold the bottle of Re-Dew about 10 inches away from your face and SPRAY AWAY!

4. Give it a minute to dry and then get going.

And be sure to use Re-Dew throughout the day when you need a little pick-me-up. To retouch, just spritz a saturated BB and re-blend.

FACT #3: Re-Dew works for oily and dry skin.

If you’re reading this, you know that finding the right makeup finishing spray is a challenge. So is it even *possible* that the best setting spray for oily skin is the same as for dry?

YOU BET. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s a few things you guys had to say about Re-Dew...

As a makeup finishing spray for dry skin

“I am very surprised and pleased with the results of Re-Dew. I am 66 years old and have dry skin. Re-Dew gives just the right amount of dew to my face as the second to last step in my beauty routine.” 

— Musette

As the best makeup setting spray for oily skin

“I was skeptical of this because it said ‘glow’ and I have extremely oily skin. [But using this after powder] I didn’t oil up! When it was time to touch up, [I used] this spray and my wonderful Beautyblender sponge and my makeup became flawless again. Love it!” 

— Candice

And in general!

“Love it! I love the glowy finish and it works great as a touch up.” 

— Karen

“I love to use it to spray my BB and tap on my face when I'm done doing my makeup. It hydrates the skin, gives a last touch of glow and helps sealing my makeup for the day.” 

— Oceane

“Most hydrating setting spray I’ve ever used — doesn’t leave your face feeling tight like many of them do. Still has awesome staying power. My new favorite for winter & cold, dry weather!” 

— Molly T. 

OMG, guys, you are TOO much. 

Now what are you waiting for? Get ready to set it and forget it.

Want an advanced degree in Re-Dew?

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