“Which beauty blender color is the best?” 

It’s a question we see floating around from time to time, and we always have 2 reactions:

1. Beautyblender is one word! 

We’re a pretty laid-back bunch around here, but we’re sticklers when it comes to our spelling, in large part because it’s the best way to sniff out fakes! 

If you find a site touting thousands of “different beauty blender colors,” you can be sure you’re looking at “beauty blender dupes” — not the real deal. And if you really can’t tell for sure, just ask us or check our full guide on 5 Ways To Spot A Beauty Blender Dupe. 

2. Please don’t make us choose!

Asking us to pick a favorite Beautyblender is like asking us only to pet one dog or use one lipstick for the rest of our lives — and that is not a world we want to live in! The world is a rainbow, and we believe makeup drawers should be too.

To that colorful end, we are SUPER excited to announce a brand-new Beautyblender shade that’s equal parts cool, calming, lively and lovely.

Meet the best new makeup blender of 2021: Beautyblender Lilac

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with our new limited-edition hue, Beautyblender Lilac, in soft dusty purple. 

Made of the same exclusive material as our OG Beautyblender makeup applicator, the plush foam of Beautyblender Lilac feels petal-soft. When you use our teardrop-shaped alternative to a wedge makeup sponge, you can count on a flawless finish, whether you’re a pro or a newbie.

And just like all of our patented makeup applicator sponges, Lilac is super-soft, latex-free and designed to hug every curve of your face, neck and decolletage. 

 Plus, let’s be honest: SHE PRETTY. Here’s another look at those curves and angles. 


Why make a purple beauty sponge?

Glad you asked! Every time we go back to the drawing board for new makeup and beauty blending sponge ideas, we ask: What’s inspiring us now? 

This year, a purple beauty sponge in lilac felt like a perfect fit. It’s a cool, calming hue; it takes its cue from one of nature’s loveliest flowers: the lilac; and the color purple happens to have a long artistic, fashion-forward history.


5 fun facts about the color purple

 1. Purple first appeared in cave paintings all the way back around 20,000 BC. During the Stone Age, people in modern-day France used purple-hued metal powders to paint animals and outline their hands on cave walls. Talk about DIY decor! 

2. By the 15th century BC, people in Tyre, Phoenicia figured out how to make purple dye from sea snails. It took hundreds of thousands of snails to make ONE OUNCE of Tyrian purple dye, which is why legit mountains of used snail shells have been found in modern-day Lebanon.

3. Since it took some serious scratch to make purple, it quickly became the color of wealth and royalty. Everyone from Persian kings to Julius Caesar to Alexander the Great sported the color. In Rome, emperors were so obsessed that they threatened citizens WITH DEATH if they wore purple. Overreact much?!

4. After that, purple stayed exclusive for a long time — all the way up to 1856. That’s when William Henry Perkin, a British chemistry student, accidentally created purple dye while trying to make a malaria treatment. His technique made synthetic purple widely available and, more importantly, affordable. Thanks, Willy P!

5. Did you know that purple is the hardest color for the human eye to discern? It sits between blue and red at the VERY end of the visible color spectrum, which makes it the most refracted (aka broken up) color. That makes it super hard for our eyes to catch it.

So purple is still living that exclusive life — even today.

Ready to grab 2021’s best new makeup blender?

Get your Beautyblender Lilac here.

And if soft hues aren’t really your speed, not to fear: We’ve got 14+ shades of BBs for you to choose from. You do you!