Beauty blogs and Insta influencers love to give tips for contouring a round face or highlighting square faces. But what if you never learned how to find out your face shape?

If you don’t know your face shape, you’re not alone! A recent study in Australia found that one-third of Australians don't know theirs—and then the experts went ahead and added five brand-new face shapes, taking the total number of possibilities to nine for folks down under.

Here at Beautyblender, we like to keep it simple, especially when breaking down sometimes-confusing topics like how to find your face shape. Use this step-by-step guide to determine yours: round, oval, square, rectangle, heart, or diamond?

How to find your face shape: The scientific method

When it comes to how to find out your face shape, our friends over at Cosmo do a stellar job outlining the scientific approach. Just grab a soft measuring tape—NOT the rigid metal kind—and take four measurements:

Forehead width: Distance across your forehead at its widest point, hairline to hairline
— Cheekbone width: Distance across your face, from your hairline above your cheekbone to the same spot on the other side
— Jawline width: Starting under your ears, the distance along the edge of your jaw to middle of your chin, multiplied by two
— Face length: Start at the center of your hairline and measure to the tip of your chin

      Now that you’ve got those written down, you’ll have some airtight reference points while finding your face shape match!

      Tip: If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape handy, check your selfie stream. A clear photo of your face looking directly at the camera should give you all the info you need to match your face with a shape below.

      Round face shape

      Round faces are usually:

       As wide as they are long
       Widest at the cheekbones
       Rounded at the jawline and at the forehead (Look at the hairline.)

      Round Face Shape


      Celebrities with round face shapes

       Chrissy Teigen 
       Ginnifer Goodwin
       Leonardo DiCaprio 
       Selena Gomez

        Pro tip for round faces

        Don’t sleep on your eyebrows! Well, like, literally sleep on them at night if you’re a stomach sleeper—but don’t forget about them! Arched, angled brows bring dimension to your lovely circular face, helping to break up some of the curves. Grab THE PLAYER: 3-Way Brow Brush and have a little fun with brow shapes.



        Oval face shape

        Oval faces are usually:

        — More elongated
        — Round at the chin and jawline
        — Widest at the forehead
        — Longer in the lower half than at the top
        Oval Face Shape


        Celebrities with oval face shapes

        — Idris Elba
        — Jessica Alba
        — Justin Bieber
        — Bella Hadid
        — Kanye West

          Pro tip for oval faces

          Use a cream blush on the apples of your cheekbones and just below your chin—yep, we promise!—to give your face a more rounded appearance. Say we’re biased, but BOUNCE™ Liquid Whip Cream Blush in Flirty Rose is the perfect cream-to-powder formula to deliver a buildable wash of color and give you that well-rounded look that works so well for ovals.


          BOUNCE Liquid Whip Cream Blush


          Heart face shape

          Heart faces are usually:

          — Widest at the forehead and cheekbones
          — More angled and pointed toward the jawline
          — Similar in appearance to round faces, but with a wider forehead

             Heart Face Shape


            Celebrities with heart face shapes

            — Reese Witherspoon
            — Ryan Gosling
            — Kerry Washington 
            — Justin Timberlake
            — Kourtney Kardashian

              Pro tip for heart faces

              Highlighting and contouring are the BFFs of anyone with a heart-shaped face. Simply grab your Glass Glow Crystal Clear Shinelighter and glide it along the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheeks, and your upper jawline to grab the light. Then, contour the sides of your forehead to help minimize width.



              Square face shape

              Square faces are usually:

              — Minimal in curves
              — As long as they are wide
              — Defined by a forehead, cheekbones and jaw that are all roughly the same width
              — Similar to a round face but with a sharp, angled jaw

              Square Face Shape     


              Celebrities with square face shapes

              — Lucy Liu
              — Brad Pitt
              — Demi Lovato
              — David Beckham
              — Katie Holmes

                Pro tip for square faces

                People with square faces can go all out with eye makeup since their faces are naturally chiseled and defined. Grab your WING MAN: Curved Eyeliner Brush and take some time to master the perfect smokey eye. The curved head shape of the Wing Man will help you create a steady flick every time, which is key to nailing flawless eyeliner.



                Rectangle face shape

                Rectangle faces usually:

                — Have a square jaw 
                — Are longer than they are wide
                — Have a high forehead
                — Are a hybrid of the oval and square face shapes

                  Rectangle Face Shape


                  Celebrities with rectangle face shapes

                  — Liv Tyler 
                  — Kim Kardashian 
                  — Arnold Schwarzenegger
                  — Henry Cavill 
                  — Meryl Streep

                    Pro tip for rectangle faces

                    Break up the length of a rectangular face by going big with an exaggerated cat eye. Simply snatch up your LINER DESIGNER: Cat-Eye Makeup Tool and learn how to do winged eyeliner like a pro.

                    Diamond face shape

                    Diamond faces usually have:

                    — A small chin
                    — A narrow forehead that’s not as wide as a heart-shaped face
                    — Cheekbones that are the widest part of the face
                    Diamond Face Shape

                      Celebrities with diamond face shapes

                      — Jennifer Lopez
                      — Johnny Depp
                      — Scarlett Johansson
                      — Ricky Martin
                      — Tyra Banks

                        Pro tip for diamond faces

                        A key trick for diamond face shapes is adding fullness to the jaw and forehead. Use a lighter shade of BOUNCE Liquid Whip Foundation on your forehead and jawline, and groom your brows to have a bigger gap between them to widen your forehead.

                        More fun with face shapes

                        Now that you’ve learned how to find out your face shape, keep the fun going with contouring and highlighting: