Find Your Skin Undertones with the Beautyblender Celebrity Cheat Sheet

Finding your skin undertones isn’t always fun — but guess what: It should be! 

Understanding your skin undertone is supes important when it comes to finding the right shade of primer, concealer or foundation. So we created an entertaining exercise to help you do it using our fav celeb friends. Stars — they really *are* just like us! 


Skin Undertone 101

First, a quick refresher. While you probably know whether your complexion is light or deep, skin undertones can be trickier. There are 3 basic kinds: warm, neutral and cool. In general, you can expect these rules to apply. 

Warm skin undertones:

— Have traces of gold and red in their skin 
— Get darker in the sun and never burn

— Look better in gold jewelry

Neutral skin undertones:

— Have an equal mix of cool and warm tones
 Get darker in the sun but sometimes burn

— Look good in gold and silver jewelry

Cool undertones:

— Have hints of pink and blue in their skin
— Tend to burn easily

— Look better in silver jewelry

The Fastest Way to a Flawless Match

If you’re new to the skin undertone sitch, check out this blog for all the deets (including our best tips and tricks), and then rejoin us here for the star-studded main event. 

Don’t worry; we’ll dance break while we wait.


Now, then; let’s find your skin-undertone soulmates, shall we? 

Celebrities with warm skin tones

In the department of celebrities with warm skin tones, we have some truly badass company including Queen B, a Charlie’s Angel and an Avenger. Don’t NOBODY want to step to that dream team. 



Michael B. Jordan 


Lucy Liu 




Chris Hemsworth


Celebrities with neutral undertones

Right down the middle we have celebrities with neutral undertones, including some lovely Latinas, Scandal-master Olivia Pope and Miss Congeniality. If that’s not a Ladies Night for the ages, we don’t know what is.

Kerry Washington 


Sandra Bullock 


Selena Gomez


Julianne Moore


Eva Mendes


Celebrities with cool undertones

And finally, our celebrities with cool undertones, which include a Fresh Prince and the Princess of Genovia. Bow down and make way! 

Anne Hathaway


Will Smith


Rosario Dawson




 Mindy Kaling


Your Turn: Find Your Skin Undertone in 2 Minutes

Now that you’re an expert in All Things Undertone, it’s time to find yours! 

The easiest way to do it is with Beautyblender’s very own Shade Finder. Not only will it help you ID your skin undertones, but it will also tell you which BOUNCE foundation you should try first — all in just 2 minutes.

Not to be aggro or anything but, like, what are you waiting for? 😉