Zackary Vang’s desert island must-have and get ready playlist

Welcome to Take Pride, a weekly series that celebrates Pride Month by showcasing the beauty of self-expression through makeup. We’re highlighting influencers from the LGBTQIA community, sharing their stories from what makes them feel most beautiful to their must-have desert island products.

Zackary Vang’s Instagram bio reads “you just stumbled across the world’s largest egg 🥚” so it’s fair to say we already have something in common. The Torrance, CA native shares their colorful makeup looks with nearly 150k followers and trust us when we say, there’s not a single shade they don’t look good in. Read on to learn about their desert island must-have and more.

1: What drew you to makeup & beauty?

ZV: I’ve always been artistic even as a kid, I’ve always drawn out faces so makeup came kind of naturally in a way!

2. How did makeup help you find yourself?

ZV: Makeup finally helped me see & feel what I felt on the inside for so many years.

3. What is your desert island can’t-live-without beauty product?

ZV: Bronzer! You can contour, add a little eye definition & you’re all set. It’s a multi-purpose life saver!

4. When do you feel most comfortable in your skin?

ZV: Honestly if I’m being real, when I don’t actually have any makeup on at all. But I feel most powerful when I’m full glam & beat!

5. What are the top 3 songs on your get ready playlist??

ZV: Fast (Motion) - Saweetie, No More Parties - Coi Leray, Calm Down (Bittersweet) - A Boogie wit da Hoodie & Summer Walker

6. Representation is so important. What do you feel is lacking in the beauty space? What do you feel you represent?

ZV: I feel Asian-Americans, especially LGBTQIA+ Asian-Americans are lacking in today’s media. I hope to represent all of the South East Asian & Lao people with pride!

7. Who/what inspired you to get into the beauty space?

ZV: I’ve always loved art & painting like I said, I definitely owe a lot to my friends & family for getting me out of my shell and putting myself out there in the beauty world!

8. What is one thing people may be surprised to learn about you?

ZV: I have a younger brother & we're only 3 years apart!

9. Fill in the blank: I love makeup because it makes me feel __

ZV: Strong & beautiful