LA-based celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg didn’t always set out to paint faces.  After studying film and visual arts in college, she soon found herself working at Ulta. Her favorite part? Doing makeup on customers.

“I loved being around people and new products," Greenberg said. "It snowballed there to more retail, shows and then celebrities.”

Now, she works with a roster of stars like Kelly Cuoco, Rashida Jones, and Kristen Stewart. Here, she dishes on how her fave ways to use the iconic pink makeup sponge. 

Jamie Makeup clients

When and how did you first discover Beautyblender?

I found Beautyblender at Frends, a beauty supply store in LA. I saw this bright pink sponge and just thinking about what does this thing do.  I was starting to hear other artists talk about it. Before the Beautyblender, I used to cut up sponges and put them in my kit, the latex sponges. This was such an amazing and different type of sponge, it formed to the face, it fits in the nooks and crannies and really made the foundation look like skin. It was and is so revolutionary. I will not use any other sponge. This is my ride or die. I never do makeup application without it, I’m a loyalist. There is no other product that’s quite the same. It has such a superior texture, no one has come close even though so many other brands have tried to make similar versions. 

What’s your fave way to use it?

I always use it to blend into the neckline. This is unconventional, but I also like to use it for eyeshadow. It’s a great way to clean up or give a once-over on an editorial eye. I feel like sometimes the eye can be too done, and swiping the dry Beautyblender on top gives this beautiful lived-in texture.

What are 3 items you always have in your makeup kit?

I always have a Beautyblender, of course! I always have a balm – Chuda makes one. They’re a cult brand that I’m obsessed with and I put it on my lips, on my entire body, a little scar I put it on. I always love a cream cheek– Tower 28 is amazing. They have such great natural cheek colors, clean and delicious. Okay, one more! I love a good eyelash curler, Shu Uemura was my gateway drug. Now, I love lash star. This curler works with nearly any eye shape. 


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