Beautyblender Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Out-Of-This-World Beauty Gift Guide

The world is weird this year, you guys. But that’s all the more reason to dig into our favorite fall diversion: Our holiday gift guide!

Here at Beautyblender, we believe it’s never too early to start socially distant shopping. So we’ve pulled together all the stellar deals, steals and fab finds in our 2020 beauty gift guide. Let’s get to it!

Be Out-Of-This-World Flawless

We love a theme here at Beautyblender, which is why we’re taking our 2020 holiday gift guide in a stellar direction — literally. Our 2020 Holiday collection has everything you need to bling out your beauty routine heading into the new year.

Aurora ($20)

Almost as extraordinary as the Northern Lights, the exclusive ultra-plush foam is a wonder. 

— Designed to be wet, it becomes mega soft and mimics pores to create a natural airbrushed application easily — no pro skills required.
— Plus, it absorbs water, not makeup, so your fave formulas land on your skin, not in your sponge.


Shining Star ($29 value for $20)

This ultra-giftable duo allows you to get an easy airbrushed finish with the iconic skin-perfecting Beautyblender.

— Make your blender last longer by sudsing up with Blendercleanser, now in a limited-edition Pink Swirl.
— The vegan cleanser helps eliminate makeup stains, grime and germs from blenders and brushes for a flawless application.


Masters of the Beautiverse ($61 value for $35)

Even a makeup newbie will master a flawless base with this 4-piece value set.  

— First, get an airbrushed skin-like finish with the original Beautyblender® (you get 2 of them in this set!).
— Help your blender last longer by sudsing up with Blendercleanser, a vegan sponge & brush cleanser.
— Keep your blenders protected in the shatterproof silicone case, Blender Defender™.


Rocket to Flawless ($78 value for $49)

Gift (or keep!) the ultimate vault of Beautyblender® essentials that’s sure to land you an out-of-this-world blend.

— Starring the iconic Beautyblender, it quickly blends makeup for an easy application and flawless, skin-like finish.
— The vegan Blendercleanser is infused with coconut and aloe to remove makeup, grime and germs from blenders and brushes while a silicone scrub mat helps nix the most stubborn stains.


Safe Is Sexy

All that glitters is not gold — sometimes it’s pink! Or black, if you’re feeling sleek. Keep your loved ones safe and chic this holiday season with our Beautyblender face masks.

Beautyblender Face Masks

Starting at just $8.50, they’re ideal to have on hand for friends, family or any forgetful folks who might show up at your door without a fabulous mask at-the-ready. 


Who Doesn’t Love A Sale?

Things happen fast at Beautyblender HQ, and you never know when the elves are going to get a *little* too excited and make extra goodies in the workshop. 

What does that mean for you? SALES, baby! All the sales.


Check out our sale section early and often to score discounted Bodyblenders, Liner.Designers, Blotterazzi or whatever we’re feeling ITM. It is *the* place to stock up on everything from Secret Santa goodies to stocking stuffers.

The Gift Of What-Ever!

Still feeling clueless about what to get that special someone?


Let them decide! The secret weapon of any holiday gift guide is the trusty gift card. Simply click, pick and send!


— Our gift cards have NO extra processing fees, which means more money in your pocket, and
— Gift cards are delivered by email, so your friends and fam can use them ASAP. Plus, you don’t have to ask anyone for their size (awkwarddd).


The real pro move? Bookmark this page in case someone who wasn’t on your list shows up with a surprise gift for you.


Anything Else?

Yep! Before you start trying to break our “Add to Cart” button, be sure to sign up for our loyalty program. You can earn 3 blender bucks for every $1 spent, and you better believe that adds up. 

Why are we, like, literally giving stuff away? We think you know ;) 


Happy Holidays!