Powder puffs may seem like an old timey relic but unlike the typical round messy puff you’ve seen before, the Power Pocket Puff is a next-generation version of your grandma’s choice de rigueur. Double sided for extra versatility, this puff can help bake, set, smooth and more. Here, some of our fave ways to use the small but mighty tool. 

1. Set it and forget it

Use the plush pink side to deposit powder for an all over application. Unique fibers pick up just the right amount of product while the ultra soft texture blends like a dream so your makeup can last wayyy longer.

2. Get ultra precise

Slide pointer and middle fingers into the pocket to help maneuver the pointed end into tight corners( like baking under the eyes or applying contour powder along cheekbones). The jelly center helps add control so you get an even application.

3. Smooth things out

Need a mid-day touch up? Use the tan buffed suede side to help gently reblend makeup without applying any additional product- no creasing or caking. Plus, the stretchy interchangeable band helps you switch from side to side easily.

4. Give it a rest

Whether you do your friends makeup for a girls night out or you’re a certified pro, the puff can be used to rest fingers when applying makeup so you’re not just leaning your hand on someone’s face!